20 Best Garden Room Furniture & Decorating Ideas

A garden room provides so much more than just a functional space but an outdoor living area that you can furnish to suit your style and make your own. Your garden room is an extension of your home and, as such, should be filled with comfortable furniture and decorated with your favourite accessories to make it a cosy and welcoming space. Browse our garden room furniture ideas for more inspiration and find the perfect fittings and furnishings to suit all tastes and complement all garden room models.


Garden room sofa ideas

No matter how you choose to use your garden room, a sofa is a must-have to create a comfortable and inviting space. A two-seater sofa, or even an armchair, makes the perfect addition to your garden room office and provides a space to relax with a hot beverage between meetings. Or why not go for a large L-shape sofa for your home cinema to accommodate all your friends and family for a cosy cinema experience? 


Garden gym furniture ideas

Having your own gym in your back garden means you can hand-select your favourite equipment to suit your workout style. Whether it’s a weights rack and barbell set-up or treadmill and cross-trainer, you can furnish your garden gym however you like. Take it one step further and install a water station, drinks fridge, wall mirrors, lockers or a changing room bench to make you feel like you’re really at the gym!


Garden cinema furniture ideas

No garden cinema room would be complete without a high-quality widescreen TV or overhead projector, surround sound speakers and comfortable seating, such as bean bags, recliners or sofas. We recommend also installing mood lighting to create a homey ambience for your movie nights – and don’t forget the popcorn machine! Browse our combination garden rooms, each of which comes with a home cinema system installed and ready to go.


Garden yoga studio furniture ideas

If you are planning to use your garden room as a yoga studio, consider furnishing your space with minimalist pieces and natural materials, such as rattan lanterns, scatter cushions, bamboo shelves and wicker baskets. The natural tones will help create a peaceful and grounded environment, perfect for yoga practice.


Plants & greenery

Adding a touch of greenery to your garden room helps blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor space. Some popular house plants include Aloe Vera, Cheese plants and Snake plants (which can also double-up as a natural air purifier!) If green fingers don’t run in your family, opt for some artificial plants or arrange a vibrant bouquet of flowers or fresh eucalyptus in a colourful vase, instead.



Create the illusion of a larger space and make the most of the natural light available by adding some wall mirrors to your garden room. There are a variety of mirror styles to choose from, including statement frames to add a contemporary look to your space or floor to ceiling mirrors, ideal for garden gyms and yoga rooms.


Garden room dining furniture ideas

A garden room makes the perfect setting for hosting dinner parties, buffets and barbeques. At Crown Pavilions, we design and build custom timber seating areas for our Hybrid Collection to fit seamlessly into your garden room that provides ample seating for hosting your friends and family. Choose from a selection of soft furnishings and cushions to add some extra comfort and style to your dining area, too. Some more garden room furniture ideas for dining include picnic tables, breakfast bars and reclaimed farmhouse tables.


Garden room office furniture styles

The key to creating a productive working environment is to avoid cluttering your space with furniture and keeping it simple. To get set up, the essential furniture you will need for your garden office includes a desk, comfortable chair and a desk or floor lamp. However, if you are looking for some extra comfort, why not consider adding a sofa for coffee breaks, hanging up your favourite art or motivational posters on the wall, or adding a pop of greenery on the shelf. For more inspiration, check out our office interior design ideas.


Using statement seating

Create a focal point for your garden room with a statement chair or sofa. This could be a colorful velvet three-seater, luxe chaise longue or a contemporary abstract stool. Whatever your style, there are plenty of statement pieces to choose from.


Artwork and garden room decorating ideas

Decorate your walls with your favourite pieces of art, postcards or family photos to help add a personal touch and make your garden room feel like home. Experiment with a variety of photo frames and art styles to create a vibrant gallery wall or you could even try painting a feature wall or introducing some funky print wallpaper to add personality to your space.


Using colour in your furniture

Choosing a colour scheme for your garden room can help add a splash of colour to your outdoor space and, when done successfully, ensures the colour is not overwhelming and looks chic. Emerald green and dusty pink are fashionable choices at the moment with an array of trendy furniture to choose from in these colours, including velvet tub chairs, throws, candle sticks and foot stools.


Cushions & soft furnishings

Soft furnishings and cushions make a fantastic addition to any garden room library, playroom or cinema. Place a giant cushion or memory foam bean bag in the corner of your room, perfect for perching on with a good book, or bundle your favourite blankets into a basket to keep cosy on an evening movie night.


Using shelving

Decorative shelving is all the craze with contemporary interior designers and is a simple yet effective way to spruce up your garden room. Style some candles, glass vases, decorative storage boxes, photo frames, modern sculptures and colour-organised books onto a minimalist wooden shelf, and there you have it – functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Carts & sideboards

If you are planning to use your garden room for entertaining and hosting, you may want a nifty drinks corner to serve up some delicious beverages. A drinks cart or sideboard can be a great option that doesn’t take up too much space but gives you everything you need to bring out your inner mixologist and whip up some tasty tipples.


Drinks cabinet & bar ideas

Keeping with the theme but taking it up a level, you can install a snazzy drinks cabinet or bar. Add in some glamorous copper bar stools, glassware cabinets and extravagant lamp shades for the full bar experience. 


Statement & stylish rugs

Adding a faux fur or shaggy rug can help fill empty space and make your garden room feel cosier. While Crown Pavilions luxury garden rooms are all fully insulated and have additional heating features available, a fluffy rug can help to provide some extra insulation underfoot to keep you warm.


Leather furniture styles

Leather furniture can add a classic and chic look to your space and looks fantastic matched with dark-stained wooden furniture – perfect for a professional office room or classy bar. If you do opt for some signature leather pieces, be sure to install blinds or curtains in your garden room to protect your furniture from the sun and keep it cool in summer!


Garden room storage furniture ideas

There’s no need for storage solutions to be boring. Go for a modern floating shelving unit, printed fabric boxes or rattan cabinets to hide your bric-a-brac, and ensure your garden room looks clean and tidy. If you’d rather keep your things completely out of sight or need to store larger items, we offer a luxury garden room with added storage space which is ideal for storing garden tools, gym equipment and garden furniture.


Rustic & shabby chic furniture

Shabby Chic furniture provides a rustic yet fresh look to your garden room and is stunning in natural lighting. For those of you who like a DIY project, you can simply upcycle old furniture in your home or from a charity shop to get the desired look, using just some sandpaper and chalk paint. Shabby Chic style furniture is also available in most furniture shops in the UK and online.


Modern & sleek style furniture

For a more sleek and stylish look, less is more. Go for simple furniture, made from industrial or natural materials, or a blend of the two, such as an oak top coffee table with steel legs. Contemporary art can also complement the modern look so why not purchase some trendy prints, posters or stylish wall stickers.



For some more of the best interior garden room ideas, please check out Crown Pavilions on Pinterest or get in touch with our team to find out more about our stunning garden room collection or our luxury garden gazebo range.


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