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Garden rooms significantly increase the resale value of your home

Garden rooms significantly increase the resale value of your home

The garden room is a versatile option for those looking to increase their floor space in their existing property, but are also a viable approach for those looking to ultimately increase the resale value of their home. In an unpredictable market, doing everything possible to keep the price of your property as high as possible has never been more important. Where previously a good quality kitchen and bathroom were enough to make your property stand out, increasingly innovative ideas are bringing in higher prices on the housing market.

Garden rooms do not disturb the existing structure at all, but add value in a unique and separate facility creating a very unusual selling point. They can be used in a variety of ways to best enhance your current property.

The most popular application of the garden room is as an office space. Increasing numbers of people work from home, and a garden office not only acts as an inspiring space merging indoor and outdoor living but also offers valuable division between the work life and the personal life. Many self employed people who work from home state that this is a problem for them, so offering a specifically tailored room catering to this need is certainly an advantage. Choose neutral decor to complement the garden and to make it attractive to the largest possible number of people, and an office space could well be what makes interested parties put in that all important offer.

Secondly, garden living areas are becoming a popular feature. With relaxation at their focus in the garden setting, this kind of living room benefits from natural light and contemporary styling with electrical points for televisions and other gadgets. Perfect for entertaining, prospective buyers might love the idea of having friends over to their garden and being able to share a drink in their wonderful garden space without compromising on comfort or the ‘mod-cons.’

Finally, a more unusual use of the garden room is one that would certainly add value to most properties. There has been a rise in demand for the garden bedroom, particularly in properties which don’t already have a spare bedroom inside. When guests come to stay they have an element of privacy and seclusion, being housed away from the main property. Garden bedrooms need plenty of windows for natural light, and if at all possible should be fitted with an en-suite bathroom, otherwise it could be a little inconvenient if the guest has to come back to the main property for use of the facilities during the night. What’s more, it may prove easier than building an extension to your house, typically garden rooms do not require planning permission.

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