How a gazebo can turn your garden into a functional space for you to enjoy

How a gazebo can turn your garden into a functional space for you to enjoy

Built in beautiful and sustainable pressure treated redwood or western red cedar, luxury wooden gazebos from Crown Pavilions are designed to be permanent features. Too many people are unable to make full use of their gardens and outdoor spaces due to the unpredictable British weather, but with these exceptional facilities the garden and its gazebo truly do become a functional space which can be enjoyed all year round.

When asked, a significant majority of people would likely answer that they want to spend more time in their gardens, having dinners with friends or simply breakfast with their loved ones. However, worries concerning time of year and comfort can detract from the occasion. A well built gazebo combines the best of both worlds: indoor comfort and facilities with the luxury and open space of the outdoors. Moreover, the permanence and structural integrity of the high-end wooden gazebos available from Crown Pavilions enable this outdoor space to be used at all times, allowing busy individuals to fit outdoor living into their schedules with ease. Dining al fresco amidst the colours and sounds of nature is a blissful experience; a sophisticated dining arrangement unlike any other is sure to be popular with guests and offers a wonderful setting for parties and entertainments.

People love the fact that their gazebo is a little place of calm in a hectic world. They become a part of the garden, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself whilst reading or simply admiring the landscaping, but retain the solidity and comfort of a truly high quality structure. For some, the gazebo is thought of as a temporary structure, assembled for barbecues in summer and packed away again later as the cooler months approach. With a wooden feature, the weather becomes insignificant. Marine-grade panels to each window fasten with zips, preventing water from entering the structure and causing damage, and mean that the gazebo can be enjoyed at any time of year. If halfway through a celebration the sky darkens, there would no longer be the frantic need to dash inside: simply close a selection of the window panels and enjoy the evening in unique style. Benefit from a range of options shown in the inspiring garden gazebo range.

Whether for eating and socialising with friends, to provide a quiet place for reading and contemplation, a break from modern living or a comfortable and stylish feature to update the garden, a gazebo can effectively add an extra room to the property. The Crown Pavilions team are here to help with any advice or information regarding the purchase and maintenance of gazebos, get in touch.

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