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How To Build The Perfect Garden Room

A step-by-step guide on how Crown Pavilions build the perfect garden room

At Crown Pavilions we have spent many years designing and manufacturing the world’s finest garden rooms for a discerning client base that have specifically chosen our award-winning garden rooms for the quality and service Crown Pavilions provide and are known for. Here are just a few completed projects within our body of work which consists of over 4500 buildings designed, manufactured and installed across the globe spanning the last 14 years. We are currently designing and manufacturing one of our largest buildings to date which is a 16m x 15m building and we will provide updates in due course.

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So, what does it take to be the best in class and build the perfect garden room?

Why does Crown Pavilions sit head and shoulders above the industry competition?

The secret to our success is that we do not differentiate between a garden room and your home! To us, it is one and the same thing and our garden rooms are designed and built with that in mind at every stage of the design and build process from the structural integrity of the building to the final fixtures and fittings internally. That’s it… in a nut shell! We believe that a garden room is truly an extension of your home and the transition between the home and your garden room should be seamless. So many other companies make this claim and end up delivering a posh shed. This has never been our market and our step by step guide summarises the process you should go through in order to build a garden room as though it was your home and to achieve that outcome.

Here is the Crown Pavilions step by step guide in creating a garden room fit to live in!


Step 1 – Planning

Before any works are carried out the most important stage is always planning the project from the outset in meticulous detail. We spend considerable time and effort before lifting a single piece of timber within our Oxfordshire factory within our design office with the engineers, architects and production team going through every detail to ensure once we are on site everything runs like clockwork and the finished result is a garden room which is built like your home.

Key Note: If you are not using Crown Pavilions, ensure you use a professional architect and structural engineer from the outset. It will save you £££££s further down the line. If you are looking for a posh shed then this is unnecessary. Remember we are only looking at building an insulated garden room with the structural integrity of a timber framed home for all year-round use which will stand the test of time!


Step 2 – Structural Preparation

Design and structural calculations complete, our drawings are then sent to our incredibly experienced joiners within our Oxfordshire factories who just as passionate about quality as we are in the office. We have our timber shipped in from British Columbia in Canada and Scandinavia where the real work begins!

Our joiners start preparing and cutting the timber to the exact specifications our architects and engineers request ready for our garden rooms to be installed on site.


Cutting the timber to the exact right sizes will ensure accuracy and productivity on site. This leads to a faster installation whilst ensuring the quality of your garden is to our exacting standards from start to finish.

The focus and effort is intense on our factory floors in line with our mantra. Measure twice… cut once!


Step 3 – Setting the Foundations

Once on site, our ground works team arrive to ensure the foundations and all services are located exactly into the right positions according to our structural calculations and building control requirements. Remember to follow your structural engineer’s drawings, as the reinforced concrete, engineering bricks, damp proof membrane, insulation within the concrete and 70mm of screed on top are all key components which need to be done precisely to the engineer’s specifications. If you have a wet underfloor heating system, wc, shower, running water, sump pump, running waste into mains, a treatment plant or septic tank and the list of options and choices go on and on (we could write several blogs just on controlled service points!) The key is to ensure you have the right working drawings to hand and presented to your ground works team, electrician and plumber from the outset as getting the foundations and first fix done correctly the first time will save you so much time and money and avoid costly errors further down the line.

Ground works can be a considerable part of the job at large depending on the size of the finished building. It is essential to get it right at this stage as having a solid foundation is the key to a successful build. Consult with your engineer and architect to ensure you stay on track. A building that you can use all year round which will enhance and add value to your main dwelling needs to be managed carefully at every stage of the build process.


Step 4 -Construction Begins

Regardless of the size of your garden room, once the foundations and service runs have been completed by the professionals it is time for our highly skilled installers to arrive and start your build. With a Crown garden room (as so many of our customers specify bi fold doors and extra wide sliding doors) our engineers often specify structural steels and RSJ beams to ensure the span is structurally sound and any potential issues with sagging are eliminated.

On-site building construction



Step 5 – Service & Utility Checks

As your building is being constructed, our project managers visit regularly to ensure the insulation, breathable membranes, vapour barriers, first fix plumbing and electrics, controlled service points, roof overhang and construction as well as guttering and soakaway are all carried out to our exacting specification and required standards.

Ensuring the breathable membranes and vapour barriers



Step 6 – Windows and Doors

Once the structure is complete and watertight, we then start to fix the hardwood doors and windows (always check the U Values provided on the sealed double glazed units provided by your garden room supplier – we only use residential grade argon gas filled sealed units with optional integrated venetian blinds as standard)



Step 7 Fixtures & Fittings

Once the external build is complete, we move onto the inside and ensure all of our fixtures and fittings are of residential grade from the outset. Our starting point is a residential finish as posh sheds are not what Crown offers. We are proud of our range of finishes and nothing gives us more joy than completing a project whereby our client says…. ‘this is as nice as my house. I may move in!’ This for us is music to our ears as our sole objective is to add value to our client’s homes and ensure they are left with a garden room that is fit for living in!

Crown Shower Rooms


High Quality Cladding Finishes

Stunning internal finishes as standard with a Crown Garden Room


Step 8 – Quality Checks

Our project managers carry out final checks and ensure everything is completed to our required standards, ensuring our clients’ expectations are met and hopefully exceeded. Thereafter we hand over the keys and it is time for you to enjoy your new garden home!

If you are interested in having a garden room built by Crown Pavilions, please call or email us for a free no obligation design consultation.



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