What will you do with your Crown Pavilions Garden Room?

What will you do with your Crown Pavilions Garden Room?

The beauty of a Crown Pavilions handcrafted garden room is that when it comes to the purpose, the possibilities are endless. Because the garden rooms we create can be built to bespoke specifications, these can be created to fit perfectly the purpose for which it is intended and these perform beautifully all year round – leaving you to enjoy your outdoor solace or hobby room, whatever the weather.

The Perfect Outdoor Hobby Room

For the avid hobbyist, an outdoor garden room is the perfect retreat. Whether you enjoy spending your free time studying, playing an instrument or creating art, a bespoke garden room provides the peace and tranquility you need. And any reader will tell you that getting disturbed whilst you’re reading a good book can be frustrating, with an outdoor garden room you can escape for an hour and immerse yourself in your favourite novel away from the distractions of home. You can even splash out by turning your garden room into a luxury pool house or relaxing outdoor spa with your very own hot tub, just like the garden spas found in our Spa Collection

Work from Home with an Outdoor Garden Office Studio

Maybe it isn’t undisturbed leisure time you require, but a base from which to work from. In this case an outdoor garden office would be the ideal solution. More and more people now work from home but not everyone has the space to convert into a home office which is why our outdoor office studios are so popular. We can create the perfect working environment that will enhance productivity and will even add value to your home! View the dynamic range of ideas for garden offices online.

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What can be said for all of our garden room designs is that they maximise living space and perform wonderfully. If you are considering an outdoor garden building of your very own, give us a call. You can contact us direct on 01491 612820.

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