Medium Wooden Gazebos

Our medium sized wooden gazebos come in a range of classic and contemporary designs and can be built to serve any purpose. At Crown Pavilions, a luxury wooden gazebo is an extremely versatile space, separate from the hustle and bustle of your home. They sit harmoniously within any sized garden and can be styled to suit exactly what is needed, whether relaxing and enjoying the garden from a shelter vantage point or providing a stylish and flexible entertainment and dining space. So, no matter how you choose to use your medium sized gazebo, we know you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

At Crown Pavilions, we only use the finest residential-grade materials. This means your state-of-the-art medium sized gazebo will surpass all expectations. With a footprint of 9m-13m squared, our medium sized gazebos can accommodate up to 14 people and fit into most gardens. Watch the video below to take a look at some of our medium sized gazebos and find out more about what’s included with every model

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Our Medium Sized Gazebo Models

Discover the Crown Pavilions medium garden gazebo range, from classic to contemporary styles, all with unrivalled functionality:

Medium Sized Gazebos to Suit You

All of our medium sized gazebos come in two options: the professional and the premium. Whichever package you choose, it will come with everything you need to enjoy your medium sized gazebo right away; from furniture and blinds to drop-down sides and window panelling.

As part of the Crown Difference, we also offer customisations. Choose cedar or thatched roofs, and different colour schemes for cushion covers, cushion piping and blinds, available on all medium sized gazebo models.

So, whether you're looking for a space to entertain friends and family, or a secluded spot away from home and work life, contact us today to find out which medium sized gazebo is best suited to you.

We also provide bespoke services, meaning our team of expert craftsmen can design your medium sized gazebo according to your preferences. This includes additional options such as hot tubs and kitchens. To find out more about how we can tailor your chosen model based on your own ideas, get in touch with our team of experts on 01491 612820.

Premium Quality Timber Gazebos

When it comes to something as special as your own personal haven, we will work closely with you to transform your vision into a glorious space that becomes the focal point of your garden. Perhaps you’re looking for a place to entertain friends, serve sumptuous suppers and party long into the night. Or a blissful space where you can relax over breakfast, laze away on a summer’s afternoon or sit back and enjoy a favourite book? Whatever you’re looking for in a medium sized gazebo, we can help bring your vision to life.

We use thicker posts as standard on of all our luxury gazebos, so you can be certain that your premium quality timber gazebo won’t simply just look stunning in the spring, summer and autumn months, but that it will also cope with our British winters, enabling year-round use. Our attention to detail and robust construction materials are what sets us apart and what’s more, our award-winning landscape designers can ensure that your luxury wooden gazebo complements your garden perfectly.

We also offer two comprehensive Crown Service Packages designed to maintain your beautiful gazebo, as well as blinds and cushions in perfect condition, so you can enjoy your gazebo for years to come. Our expertly crafted medium sized gazebos will transform your outdoor living space into the ultimate luxury retreat.

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The Benefits of a Medium Sized Gazebo

Additional space for work or leisure

Crown timber gazebos offer you a sheltered outdoor space for both work and leisure, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your garden all year round. Our hand-crafted, medium sized luxury gazebos provide a perfect social hub for entertaining friends and dining alfresco. We also offer luxury oak framed gazebos with hot tub and sides for extra special indulgence. Our wide range of models provide an array of choices from round gazebos to octagonal gazebos, and oval gazebos suitable for up to 7-10 people in a variety of designs and styles to suit your space. Whatever model you choose, a Crown medium sized gazebo is designed with expert technique for a robust build.

Luxury Garden Gazebo


We offer installation services of our fulllength PVC window blinds, to create a tranquil home office or studio. Each oak framed gazebo is installed by members of our expert in-house team. Crown Pavilions believes in a start-to-finish service, supporting our customers throughout the whole project. We cut out the middleman and remove the hassle of your having to employ a separate contractor. Our talented team of craftsmen will ensure that your choice of luxury medium sized timber gazebo is erected using precision and eye for detail, making your Crown Pavilions purchase a truly relaxing experience.

Luxury Garden Gazebo

Built to last


Everything works together to offer outstanding durability, from the several years of protective lacquer or paint on the exterior, to the bracing timbers that hold the building together and even the marine grade poppers used to secure the window blinds in stormy weather. All doors and windows are made from solid hardwood. We don’t use any veneers or aluminum – just aesthetically beautiful, premium solid hardwood that will stand the test of time. Fixings are cleverly hidden away and even the pinholes are wax-filled and sanded. Plus, a generous roof overhang allows any water to run off the building without rolling down the sizes which could damage the construction. So, no matter the weather, our medium sized gazebos can be enjoyed all year round.

Bespoke Builds

Crown Pavilions offer a bespoke build service for our luxury medium sized wooden gazebos. We have a team of talented engineers on hand to help you turn your dream outdoor space into a reality. Every garden is different, and we want our wooden gazebos to reflect this. We factor in the landscaping of your garden, your ideas and your budget to create the perfect one-off build.

Our wooden framed gazebos have even thicker insulation than required for a permanent dwelling, so you can enjoy your gazebo all year round. Full and half-clad panelling is perfect if your gazebo is to be installed against a boundary line or fence. Half-clad window panels could be a solution against a prevailing wind, allowing you to enjoy the view whilst staying out of draughts.


We create beautiful wooden framed gazebos for commercial use, in addition to domestic use. Oak framed gazebos by Crown Pavilions offer tranquil and sheltered outdoor dining areas for your restaurant, public house, or hotel. A Crown hot tub gazebo is also the perfect host to treat your guests to the ultimate relaxation experience. Our specialist team work closely with you to design the perfect oak framed gazebo for your business. Increase your covers and extend your offering with minimal disruption and in magnificent style.

In addition to medium sized gazebos, we also offer a wide variety of gazebos in different styles and sizes. Our models range from small round gazebos to large oak framed gazebos and come in designs to suit your space. Contact us now for more information to help you grow your business.


Comfort is at the heart of every wooden gazebo we build. Each oak framed gazebo comes with deep filled cushioned benches as standard.  Crown Pavilions is the only company to use a marine grade, waterproof, acrylic fabric that does not fade or shrink. Our seating accommodates extra-thick back cushions and a luxurious double padded base, which will stay plump and comfortable for years to come.

Versatile blinds are made using made using marine grade fabric in a variety of colours which don’t shrink or fade or lose any waterproof qualities.

Quality crown builds


At Crown Pavilions, all medium sized wooden gazebos are constructed to TRADA guidelines meaning that everything is compliant and correct – from timber sizing, insulation and joist spacing to ventilation, fixtures and fittings. All walls are 190mm thick and flooring is made from weighty, premium grade engineered oak.

We have built our reputation on quality and outstanding products. Our gazebos are scrutinized and passed by a chartered engineer. This means that your luxury medium sized gazebo is built to last. Each timber post is meticulously laminated 6-12 times, protecting against rot and warping.

Outstanding Service

We put our high level of customer service at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to ensure that the process of buying one of luxury timber framed gazebos is made as stress free as possible. Our team of friendly specialists will be available to advise you at every step of the way. Our outstanding service doesn’t finish with installation. We also provide a threeyear after-care package. Our team of craftsmen are also based in the UK, meaning help is easily available when it comes time to build your medium sized gazebo. For your upcoming luxury wooden gazebo project, find out why you should choose Crown Pavilions.

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    Medium Sized Gazebos FAQs

    What is considered a medium sized gazebo?

    A medium sized gazebo at Crown Pavilions is a luxury outdoor garden building separate from your home, which can be used for work or leisure, with a footprint of 9m-13m squared, that’s suitable for 7-14 people. Find out more about all our garden gazebo options.

    Do you need planning permission for a medium sized wooden gazebo?

    No, in most cases you do not need planning permission to build a medium sized gazebo in the UK. For more information, please visit our garden room planning permission guidelines.

    What size gazebo is best?

    At Crown Pavilions, our garden gazebos come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Small gazebos are ideal for 2-6 people, medium sized gazebos are ideal for 7-14 people, and large gazebos are ideal for 8-15 people.

    Is a permanent medium gazebo worth it?

    Yes, a medium sized gazebo provides a luxury outdoor space that can add value to your home, improve your quality of life and increase the resale value of your property.

    What are standard gazebo sizes?

    At Crown Pavilions, we have three standard gazebo sizes:

    What is the best shape for a gazebo?

    All our wooden gazebos are built with residential-grade materials to the highest quality – no matter the shape you choose. Simply choose the design that suits your garden best:

    Round wooden gazebos:

    Octagonal wooden gazebos: 

    Oval wooden gazebos:

    Rectangular wooden gazebos:

    Are installation and delivery included in the price of your medium gazebos?

    Yes, installation and delivery are included in the cost of our medium sized garden gazebos in mainland England and Wales. Elsewhere, there is an additional surcharge applied. Get in touch to find out more.

    How much does a medium sized gazebo cost?

    The cost of our medium sized gazebos varies depending on the Crown service package chosen:

    The cost of a bespoke medium sized gazebo will depend on your preferences and design requirements. Contact us to request a quote – we also offer flexible finance options for medium sized gazebos.

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