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The World’s Finest Garden Gym Rooms

A garden gym room provides the perfect solution for fitness enthusiasts looking for a convenient and comfortable space to work out. A Crown Pavilions outdoor garden gym is thoughtfully designed to offer an easily accessible, private training space any time of the day, all year-round.

Our experienced team will listen carefully to your needs and requirements and recommend customisations for your new build to ensure it’s a perfect fit for you and your workout style. Choose from a selection of additional options, including showers, changing facilities, TRX hooks, reinforced flooring and much more.


Our Garden Gym Models

Our garden gym building range comprises three beautiful designs. The Clarence is our most modern design, boasting a bold feature wall in a selection of unique finishes. The Buckingham offers a combination of both indoor and outdoor living space, ideal for a dual-purpose garden room. Our Sandringham model is our classic design, offering simplicity, style and functionality. We also offer the option to work with our team to design and create a fully bespoke outdoor gym room just for you.

Why a Garden Gym?

A garden gym room adds luxury value and aesthetic to your property while complimenting an active lifestyle. Having a home gym makes it easier to keep up regular workout habits, as well as cut down travel time and gym fees, making it simpler than ever to stay fit. Create your garden gym from one of four designs: Classic, Contemporary, Inspired, or your own bespoke style.

Best of all, a Crown Pavilions garden room is extremely versatile, so what may be your home garden gym today might just become a future garden office or cinema in a few years’ time. Our garden gym rooms come with a 10-year guarantee – we want to make sure you can make the most of your garden gym over the years, with no issues.

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Why a Garden Room?

Leading Garden Gym Manufacturer in the UK

Leading Garden Gym Manufacturer in the UK

Our luxury garden rooms are beautifully handcrafted in our Oxfordshire workshop, starting with the finest quality timber to create the most impressive British-made garden buildings, designed to complement any outdoor space seamlessly.

Each and every one of our outside gyms are a true labour of love and have been built to our exacting standards to deliver nothing less than excellence. All of our designers are TRADA-certified and our builds are checked by a chartered structural engineer for the Crown stamp of approval. From stunning aesthetic design to flawless structural integrity, a Crown Pavilions garden room remains the first choice for home gyms across the country.

Considerations For Your Garden Gym



The recommended base for any gym building is a concrete base with an insulated screed top. Due to the nature of impact and excess weight loadings, we install the finished floor on top of a screeded base instead of an insulated timber sub floor (our standard method). This would need to be prepared by your local contractor; however, our team would provide drawings to assist with this. Any other base such as pile foundations or screw base systems could result in cracking and failure of the building over time. Learn more about different types of garden room foundations.

Ceiling Height

Ceiling Height

The most overlooked consideration for a gym is height. Our standard buildings are designed to meet the 2.5m typical permitted development requirements which is needed if the building is going to be situated at or within 1m of a boundary line. This will provide you with a 2.1m internal ceiling height. While this is sufficient for some equipment and exercise, generally 2.4m of ceiling height is required to ensure adequate clearance for most. We recommend an overall ceiling height of 2.8-3m, which means your garden gym would need to be located at least 2m away from any boundary line. View our guide to garden rooms for small gardens.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning & Heating

Our experienced team can advise on suitable cooling and heating solutions for your home garden gym. In most cases, we will recommend installing a wall-mounted air conditioning unit to keep the space well-ventilated and cool while you work up a sweat. As with all our garden rooms, our garden gyms are built using residential-standard insulation, however we also offer additional heating options for added comfort during the winter months, including wall-mounted electric panel heaters and underfloor electric heating.

Air Conditioning
Lighting & Electrics

Lighting & Electrics

We provide a seamless build from start to finish, taking care of any home gym lighting and electrical features as part of the process. Our garden buildings are fully-wired as standard with brushed stainless steel lights, high-grade flush-mounted sockets and switches. Our team can also provide a quote for any bespoke lighting installations, such as studio lighting for dance practice or suspended LED rings to create an authentic gym feel at home. Learn more about garden room electrics.

Changing Facilities

Changing Facilities

Changing facilities are an important part of your home gym, providing a secure space to change in and out of your sportswear, freshen up or store any jewellery or other valuable possessions before your workout. Get creative with your space and add signature gym lockers, benches or built-in hairdryers to provide ultimate convenience without having to trek back and forth from your home. View our guide to garden rooms with toilets and showers.

Changing Facilities
Reinforced Floor

Reinforced Floor

When planning to build a home workout room, hard-wearing flooring is a must as softer wood flooring or carpet can be easily damaged in a gym environment. Laying down reinforced flooring, non-slip rubber-coated flooring or gym tiles can make a great alternative, especially if you are going to install large gym equipment or weight racks.

Mirrors & TRX Hooks

Mirrors & TRX Hooks

Whether you're into aerial silks, resistance training or boxing, we can install secure TRX hooks and wall-mounted rings to support your weight without causing structural damage to your garden room. We can also fit floor-to-ceiling wall mirrors to help you focus on your posture and boost your confidence during training sessions, while also creating the illusion of a larger space.

Mirrors & TRX Hooks
WC & Shower Rooms

WC & Shower Rooms

We believe your garden room should be built to the same standard as your home. That’s why we recommend installing high-quality plumbing for your garden gym building. Our team can fit residential-grade WC and shower rooms on request, enabling you to pop to the toilet mid-workout or freshen up afterwards without having to go back into your house, saving you time and effort.

Planning Your Dream Garden Gym Room

Garden Gym Rooms Additional Extras
  • Industry leading 100mm residential grade rockwool slabs and 90mm high density foil backed insulation
  • Built on site using traditional timber building methods with 6×2 & 4×2 timber studs & joists with structural steels where necessary.


  • We use aluminium framed doors for durability
  • We use long-lasting engineered oak flooring (not laminates)
  • Choose from French, sliding or bi-folding doors
  • Choose from different door colours
  • Choose the style and colour of flooring

A personalised, high-touch, end-to-end service, from site survey to care and maintenance briefing

  • We are unique – we build residential grade garden rooms
  • Our garden rooms last longer
  • We offer more customisations as standard
  • Our world-renowned five-star service

Garden Gym Buildings Your Way

Keeping and staying healthy is more important than ever these days. That’s why having your own garden gym makes so much sense for long term health and wellbeing. To find out more please call us on 01491 612820 or use our contact form to get in touch.

Additional Features For Your Home Gym

Our expert designers will work with you to customise and deliver a contemporary space for your outdoor gym room that you can use all year round.

When customising your garden gym, it all comes down to the finer details – the position of your machines, the headroom required, clever storage solutions, number of plug sockets and studio mirrors – we’ll take everything into account and deliver an environment that suits you.

Post-Workout Considerations

Equip your garden gym building with all the post-workout essentials to help you wind down after a challenging session. We have a host of practical ideas, including changing facilities, WC and shower rooms, as well as some more exciting options, such as hot tubs, saunas or juice bars. If you have any questions or special amenity requests, get in touch with our team who will be happy to assist you.

Add Music To Your Outdoor Garden Room

Do you like to work out to music or use treadmill time to catch up on the latest TV and films? With state-of-the-art AV and TV technology, we can advise on home cinema screens or wall-mounted speakers to play your favourite songs. We can even provide additional soundproofing, so you can enjoy a lively workout with your favourite tunes without disturbing your neighbours. Whatever your workout style, we can customise your garden gym room to fit your taste and needs perfectly.

Garden Gym Testimonials

5 stars

“Fabulous gym and cinema room from a first class team. Very high end quality build executed by some of the nicest folks I've worked with. We had a few challenges (nothing to do with Crown) and Carl and the team helped us navigate them with ease. Nothing is too much trouble. The end result is simply amazing. We love it! Can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks to the whole team!!” - Customer Richmond

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Request a call back and speak to the Crown Pavilions team about your dream garden room. Discuss your bespoke requirements with our design team and invest in a garden building for your home or business.


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    Home Garden Gym FAQs

    Will I need planning permission for my garden gym room?

    A garden gym will typically not require planning permission as long as you are building at least 2m away from a boundary or you do not need an internal ceiling height greater than 2.1m. All our standard buildings are designed to adhere to permitted development guidelines. However, some exceptions may apply. Please see our planning permission guidelines blog for more information.

    Will I need a base for my garden gym?

    Yes, our team will conduct a site survey prior to building your garden gym to determine which base is most suitable. Concrete bases our typically recommended for garden gyms.

    How long does it take to build a garden gym room?

    Our standard medium-sized garden gyms take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, however larger models and bespoke designs can take slightly longer.

    Can I have a punch bag and TRX hooks fitted?

    Yes, we can ensure the structure of your garden gym is suitable to support TRX hooks and a heavy punch bag.

    How much does a home gym cost?

    It will vary in price depending on your chosen garden room model, the size of the building and additional bespoke features. Please get in touch with our team to find out more.

    Is installation included in the cost of my gym room?

    Yes, installation within 100 miles of our Oxfordshire workshops is included in the total cost and for any other locations further afield, a travel surcharge will apply.

    Are there any specific considerations for a garden gym?

    Yes, when building a garden gym, you will need to consider the internal roof height required for certain exercises and equipment. You may also need reinforced flooring if you plan to use your garden room for weight training. Additional soundproofing may also be needed if you like to listen to music while exercising. Contact our team to find out more about the options available to you.

    How long will my garden gym last?

    A Crown Pavilions luxury garden gym is built using the finest residential-grade materials by TRADA-certified craftsmen. All our garden rooms come with a 10-year guarantee, covering timber rot and decay, and the structural integrity of the building. There is also a 1-year manufacturer’s for all garden room accessories, including door handles, blinds and heaters.

    What is a good size for a home gym?

    The space required for a home gym will depend on the types of exercise equipment you intend to use. For example, a weights room will usually take up less space than a fully-equipped gym with multiple exercise machines or dance studio.

    Can I create my own bespoke garden gym room?

    Yes, we offer the option to design your own custom garden room so you can create the perfect home gym for you and your family. Check out our bespoke gallery for inspiration.

    Can I pay for my garden gym in installments?

    Yes, garden room payments are spread out over 4 installments. Firstly, a non-refundable 20% deposit is required before we begin. We will then require 40% 10-weeks prior to installation, 35% five days into the build and 5% once the project is complete.

    What is the best floor for my garden gym?

    At Crown Pavilions, we can cater for bespoke requests and advise on reinforced or rubber flooring for your home gym.

    Where can I view your garden gyms?

    We have multiple UK show sites where you can view our luxury garden rooms. Our showsites are located across Essex, London, Oxfordshire and Surrey. Please visit our Show Sites page for more information.