Crown Pavilions’ New Collection of Garden Buildings and Rooms

Crown Pavilions has been leading the way for over a decade in designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing the finest garden buildings & rooms in the world. Everything is done in-house at our Oxfordshire headquarters and by working in this meticulous way at every level we ensure our quality control and service never falls below our own benchmark for excellence.

Garden Buildings with stunning Crown Pavilions features

It is a particularly exciting time as we are now introducing a brand new collection of standard garden buildings whereby each building will come at a set size, with set features at a set price – similar to what we offer with our award-winning luxury wooden gazebos.

There are of course optional add-ons that you may decide to select; underfloor electric heating, wall mounted slimline electric panel heaters, perhaps air conditioning if you want to use your garden building as a gym, external lighting and additional sockets (beyond what is in the package) can also be purchased at an additional set cost.

Design 1
3m x 3m
Design 2
4.5m x 3m
Design 3
4.5m x 3.5m
Design 4
6m x 3.5m
Design 5
5m x 4m
Design 6
7m x 4m

Crown Pavilions’ set Garden Building Collection

Historically our garden buildings, with insulated walls, hard wood bi-fold doors and high spec fixtures and fittings have up until now only been available as a bespoke commission. A prospective client would contact us with a specific design or remit and we would in turn design and manufacture a building to our client’s exacting specifications.

Crown Pavilions has manufactured and installed numerous bespoke buildings internationally with clients throughout the United Kingdom, European countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and further afield places such as Morocco, Tunisia, the United States, and all over the Caribbean islands to name but a few.

The unique aspect of this new offering is our prospective clients can now purchase a set sized Crown garden room for less, due to the fact that we can utilise economies of scale and pass that saving onto you!

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The finish, the quality and the service which sets us apart from the rest will remain exactly the same with no compromise there, but at a lower price point within our 12 set designs. The alternatives are, our collection of purpose-built buildings in our luxury garden room collection, or the bespoke route which will undoubtedly continue from strength to strength as the demand for this service continues to grow!

The garden room service is still of course a strong part of our company offering and due to its success and complexity; our lead times are now typically 3-to-6 months on all bespoke buildings. However, with our new Garden Building Collection the lead times will be much shorter, typically 2-3 months and you have 12 set options to choose from all at set prices from the outset!

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If you have any questions regarding any of the Crown Pavilions garden building collections, then please speak to our friendly team who will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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Crown Pavilions’ New Collection of Garden Buildings and Rooms