Make your garden building a home from home

The garden is leading a style revolution, according to experts at Crown Pavilions.

Forget rickety summerhouses, dilapidated sheds and moss-covered benches, the trend for entertaining alfresco is going altogether upmarket.

Oxford-based Crown Pavilions has been making gazebos and garden rooms for more than a decade. Using long-lasting materials such as Canadian cedar and English oak, the company has an impressive reputation and a glut of high-profile clients from Duncan Bannatyne to Alan Titchmarsh.

Interior Design for Garden Buildings

The company’s latest photoshoot has gone one step further – interior designing each of the buildings to add another stamp of personality.

While customers were spending an average of £17,000 back in 2006, that spend has more than doubled to £37,000 in 2016 with homeowners looking to make the garden a simple extension of their property.

Crown Pavilions enlisted the help of renown stylist and author Selina Blake who helped us transform our buildings at the company’s new show site in Uxbridge.

Tendercare, an award-winning garden centre in Denham, houses an impressive collection of Crown Pavilions, ranging from small gazebos to its flagship cinema room and palatial Versailles 12-seater.

Using seasonal colours, artful throws and on-trend table decorations, the buildings have been given an incredible edge.

Interior Design of Garden Rooms from Crown Pavilions

Crown Pavilions owner Luke Dejahang explains.

“When talking to our customers we often found that they enjoyed styling them in a similar way to their homes – bringing the colours from indoors out,” he explained.

“Our buildings aren’t simply places to eat and entertain outside, their extensions of our personality and we want to decorate them in the same way.”


Luke said the trend to maximise garden space was seen from both homeowners and business owners.

“Our customers’ needs have changed in the last few years – many don’t want to move or extend as they’ve already done that, so they’re looking to make the most of the garden instead,” he says.

“The same goes for the pub and restaurant sector: they’re using our buildings to offer more covers and opportunities throughout the year.

“We focus very much on quality and longevity – we use the finest materials (Canadian cedar, Cumbrian slate) because our garden rooms are significant investments.

They’re insulated, heated, secure extensions of someone’s home and our customers want their personality to be reflected in their building too.”

Not sure we’ve got the weather for it? Luke says beleaguered homeowners seem determined to make the most of the great outdoors regardless of Britain’s climate.

Interior Design from Crown Pavilions

Sarah Bailey-King, a customer from Lincolnshire who bought a Hampton pavilion last year, says it enables her to use the garden throughout the year.

“I know it sounds strange but there’s nothing better than unzipping the canvas, popping the heating on and enjoying a stolen moment in there,” she laughs.

“Most people will be cursing their gardens in the winter months but I have a completely wonderful way of making the most of mine thanks to Crown Pavilions.”

Former ‘Dragon’ Duncan Bannatyne has installed two Crown Pavilions at hotels he owns, while Gloria Hunniford and Alan Titchmarsh have had them constructed in their gardens.

Said Duncan: “I love Crown Pavilions. The ones we’ve had installed look terrific and they’ve been a great company to deal with.”

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