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Recent Success at The Bar and Pub Show 2016!

Recent Success at The Bar and Pub Show 2016!

In October this year, Crown Pavilions attended The Bar & Pub Show at the Olympia in London with a selection of stunning garden pavilions and buildings. Aimed at companies in the bar and pub industry, the show brought together some of the best suppliers and businesses in the trade.

The feedback at the show about the range of garden gazebos and buildings Crown Pavilions have to offer was that they have huge potential for the bar and pub industry and are great value for money. Offering a unique place to enjoy a drink with friends or dine outside, the garden buildings from Crown Pavilions have a valuable place in the hospitality industry too.

Garden Pavilions for Commercial Businesses

Crown Pavilions gained over 35 good leads for establishments that require multiple units to include within their services for their business. With some already converting to sales, the recent show has been a huge success for the team at Crown Pavilions and we are proud to be bringing more of our fantastic garden pavilions to commercial businesses.

A few familiar faces also visited Crown Pavilions at The Bar and Pub Show, including The Whiting Group who currently have over 14 of our elegant pavilions spread over four sites, some of which you can see below. Also available online are plenty more inspiring successful projects completed by Crown Pavilions.


Enquire about a Garden Pavilion for your business

If you work within hospitality, or the bar and pub industry and would like to add some extra character to your businesses with an outdoor garden pavilion, contact our team online.

Alternatively, you can speak to us direct on 01491 612820.

Enquire about a Crown Pavilion or Garden Building today!

If you have any questions regarding any of the Crown Pavilions garden building collections, then please speak to our friendly team who will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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