Luke Dejahang

Luke Dejahang

CEO & Co-founder

Luke Dejahang is Co-founder and CEO of Crown Pavilions. Luke has been at the forefront of the luxury goods sector for over 20-years. With a background in construction and property development, Luke has grown his passion for luxury garden buildings into an internationally recognised brand. “I’m proud to say, our garden rooms and luxury wooden gazebos have been installed in 28 countries to date”.

With Crown Pavilions, we wanted to create something that was unparalleled in the home improvement space, both in terms of the finished product and the level of service each and every one of our clients receives. My personal ethos has always been to exceed my client’s expectations and I’ve tried to enshrine that way of doing business at Crown Pavilions. I’m proud of the team we’ve assembled and our customer reviews speak for themselves.

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