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The Crown Garden Room Range

The Perfect Garden Rooms

What does the quintessential garden room look like to you? Whatever your vision, our bespoke garden rooms service makes your dreams a reality by allowing you to create a sumptuous garden room that incorporates your own concepts and features.

Indulge in home entertainment with a Crown cinema room, create a personalised work environment with a garden office or have your very own bar to enjoy in in the privacy and freedom of your garden. Whatever you have planned, the talented designers at Crown Pavilions can help.

We use the finest materials to create our stunning range of garden rooms that you and your family can enjoy all year round. Garden rooms from Crown Pavilions are a functional and versatile addition to any home or business and can be created to suit your specific requirements.

New Garden Room Collection
Discover the latest collection of stunning garden rooms from Crown Pavilions. Each design is available with a range of optional extras to create the perfect luxury garden building to suit your needs.
Bespoke Garden Rooms
The Crown Pavilions specialists can work with you to create a bespoke garden building that suits your lifestyle. From an outdoor cinema to a garden office, design your perfect garden room with us.
Cinema Room
Fitted with a 4K display and a state-of-the-art surround sound system, watch the latest blockbusters in the comfort of your own garden with a bespoke cinema room from Crown Pavilions.
Spa Collection
Experience the ultimate in home relaxation with a garden building from the Crown Spa Collection. Available with soft furnishings, lighting and heating systems for the perfect garden escape from the worries of everyday life.
Garden Offices
Avoid the dreaded commute by transforming your outdoor space into a garden office. Complete with the fixtures and fittings you need to work from home, find out more about a Crown garden office now.
Outdoor Kitchens
A luxury outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining friends and family all year round. Add a sink, fridge, wine cooler, gas hob or barbeque to create the perfect garden kitchen with Crown Pavilions.

Get your own bespoke garden room from Crown Pavilions

Our experienced design team will work with you to incorporate your ideas into a bespoke garden room complete with furnishings, fixtures and fittings including electricity, heating and lighting.

Bar or spa, home office or home entertainment, whatever you dream of in a bespoke garden room, our specialists can create your perfect room using the highest quality materials and sustainably-sourced timber for unsurpassed durability and aesthetics.

Get in touch with the Crown Pavilions team today if you have any questions regarding our stunning range of garden rooms. Contact us online to discuss your bespoke garden room ideas or call us directly on 01491 612820.

Work or leisure

Garden rooms offer an amazing outdoor space for work or leisure. At Crown Pavilions, we create our garden rooms with your purpose in mind, ensuring that it perfectly meets all of your requirements. Whether you want to use it as an outdoor dining area to entertain friends and socialise with family, or a tranquil home office, away from the distractions of the main house.

Luxury Garden Rooms

Quality of crown builds

Each garden room by Crown Pavilions is built with meticulous precision, using only the highest of quality cedar. Our team of engineers have a keen eye for detail and ensure that your outdoor space is designed to stand the test of time. We will never leave you with anything other than a perfect finish, with no visible fixings or even pin holes.

Luxury Garden Rooms


All of our garden rooms are installed by a team of in-house Crown Pavilion experts.  We relieve the hassle of employing outside contractors, whilst ensuring to uphold the Crown quality throughout the entire process. Your building is constructed on site as a single solid unit rather than prefabricated wall panels bolted together, ensuring that it will stand the test of time.

Bespoke builds

At Crown Pavilions we understand that each garden room is different, this is why we offer bespoke services. Our TRADA trained designers are dedicated to helping you create the ideal garden room, complimenting your current garden landscape and fitting in with your budget. We can help you develop your ideas for a home gym, study or cinema into the garden room you have always dreamed of.

Spa Collection

A garden room from Crown Pavilions offers a luxurious setting for a hot tub or spa, perfect for relaxing after a long day, or socialising with friends. The ethically-sourced Western Red Cedar provides shelter from the wind and rain, leaving you with a beautiful space that can be used all year round.

Cinema rooms

Crown Pavilions create state of the art garden cinema rooms suitable for use all year round. Our garden rooms are heated, providing a warm and cosy outdoor escape. We combine high quality entertainment with luxurious relaxation to create the perfect setting to unwind and watch the latest box office hit.


A garden room from Crown Pavilions plays perfect host to a home office space or studio. The garden setting allows you to switch off from the distractions of the main house and embrace the tranquillity of the outdoors. Our garden offices are manufactured using the finest materials and are built with pre-wiring, double glazed windows and benefit from full insulation.


Each Crown outdoor kitchen is completely bespoke and designed to meet your requirements. An outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy the garden views, whilst still benefiting from the shelter that a high quality garden room can provide. We can install a number of facilities including a sink, wine cooler, gas hob, barbecue or Friday. The opportunities are endless.

Pool Houses

Crown Pavilions build beautiful pool houses, designed to last the full year round. Each pool house can be customised to suit a certain purpose such, as a gym or spa area. Each pool house is built with meticulous precision and an eye for detail. We are so confident in the quality all of pool houses that we offer a 30-year guarantee against decay and rot.

Energy Efficient

Each Crown Pavilion garden room is built with the highest precision, ensuring energy efficiency. We use high quality double glazed windows and premium Celotex roofing.  Each wall is insulated between 20mm and 120mm higher than required for any permeant dwelling, and this can be upgraded if needs be. This means that your garden room will have a low impact on your energy bills.

Enquire about your dream Garden Building today!

Request a call back and speak to the Crown Pavilions team about your dream garden room. Discuss your bespoke requirements with our design team and invest in a garden building for your home or business.