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Ever dreamed of having your own garden music room? Somewhere you can play or listen to anything you like, at any volume you like without disturbing the neighbours. A Crown Pavilions garden room is a garden music studio that delivers perfect performance. A dedicated space in which to make or enjoy music away from the main house, freeing up precious space in your home which may normally be crammed with instruments or vinyl.

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  • 20-years of British Craftsmanship
  • Outstanding Durability
  • More Customisations as Standard
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Music to your ears

All our garden rooms have natural sound proofing and are built with 190mm of residential grade walls with premium 90mm insulation in walls, floors and ceiling. We can provide additional sound proofing and your Crown Pavilions expert will discuss your garden music studio with you to ensure it’s music to your ears – not your neighbours.


Whether you’re looking to create a practice room, install a recording studio, or just enjoy your music collection, Crown Pavilions will help you create an effective soundproof garden music room to protect your instruments and equipment, and store your records all year-round.


Garden Studio Considerations

Whatever your ideas and requirements, with 20-years of experience, our team is the best in business at helping our clients plan their luxury garden music rooms.


Convenient & cost efficient

A soundproof garden music studio frees up precious room in your home that would normally be taken up by instruments and other musical equipment. Alternatively, it can save you money on studio rental costs and travel. If you’re a music teacher, imagine having the perfect space where students could come for lessons.


Indulge their musical passion

If you just want to enjoy a few drinks, watch television and occasionally entertain, we recommend keeping it simple and laid back. Include a few personal touches in your decoration and some comfortable furnishings to your garden building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can install acoustic barriers in the walls and roof of your garden room to drastically reduce noise spill. These can include acoustic plasterboard and an acoustic rubber membrane. We have successfully completed several music studio projects using this approach.

Typically, you do not need planning permission to build a man cave in your back garden so long as your build falls within permitted development guidelines. For more information, read our planning permission guide.

Yes. You can have partition walls in your music room with internal door. At Crown Pavilions, we can create a dual-purpose space to use as you wish.
Yes. You will need to have a concrete base or ground screws in place before we install your garden cinema building. Our team will undertake a site survey before we build your garden room where we will assess which type of base is most suitable.

Yes, our team will conduct a site survey prior to building your garden gym to determine which type of base is most suitable, usually ground screws or concrete.

Our standard medium-sized garden man caves take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, however larger models and bespoke designs can take slightly longer.

Yes, we offer the option to design your own custom garden room so you can create the perfect music room unique to you. Check out our bespoke gallery for inspiration.

We have multiple UK show sites where you can view our luxury garden rooms. Our showsites are located across Essex, London, Oxfordshire and Surrey. Please visit our Show Sites page for more information.

Absolutely! With our innovative 3D configurator, you can design a bespoke garden room from our diverse collections. Create, save, and share your design with our team at your convenience. Please note, prices on the configurator serve as a guide. For a precise quote and to explore additional options not available online, we encourage a conversation with our team. Start designing your garden room now.

Yes, we provide tailored finance solutions to suit our clients’ needs. For more details, click here.

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