5 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for an Egg-tastic Day!  

Spring is here, and we all know what that means – it’s Easter! The celebration and signifying of new life, rebirth, saying goodbye to winter, and the coming of spring along with blossoming trees and flowers, it truly is a special time of year. And what better way is there to celebrate this symbolic holiday than with its most important aspect, Easter Eggs!  

However, you can’t have Easter Eggs without going on an Easter Egg Hunt first, so we at Crown Pavilions have curated a guide of innovative Easter Egg Hunt ideas and related activities to inspire you to switch up this yearly tradition and create some special memories this year. 


Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt 

Our first idea that we think could be a great way to spruce up your Easter Egg Hunt this year is having a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt. Whether you want this to take place indoors or outdoors, making sure that you have a large enough area is the key to success for this funky scavenger hunt. Our luxury gazebos and garden houses would be the perfect spot to extend the fun over a larger area and bring the indoors outdoors without getting too chilly! By using glow-sticks or LED lights to illuminate your eggs, the enchanting glow will help guide you in the right direction into collecting all the goodies. Just make sure it is dark enough where you decide to hide your eggs, so those eggs can well and truly glow in the dark!  

A Puzzle-Piece Hunt 

Why not amplify the sense of accomplishment and add a little more thrill and excitement to your easter egg hunt by hiding jigsaw pieces within each individual egg. By the end of the hunt, not only will all eggs have been located, but you can also top it off with a fun jigsaw puzzle to complete – let’s just hope there are no pieces missing!  

Easter Egg Bowling 

Our third option that we absolutely love is the idea of Easter Egg Bowling. Like the Puzzle-Piece Hunt, this adds a twist to your usual Easter Egg Hunt. Once participants have located a set number of eggs, to uncover the chocolatey treats, players must bowl an egg to get as close as possible to the coveted white chocolate egg in order to continue with the hunt. A little friendly competition never hurts! 

DIY Egg Decorating 

A little different to the others due its more creative and artistic nature, an activity that we think would be really fun is egg decorating! Tap into your inner Picasso and create masterpieces, whether that be going for patterned designs, to more intricate detailing as each egg becomes a unique canvas awaiting your personal touch and imagination. Whether you’re sitting outside in your garden, or in one of our summer houses surrounded by your friends and family, embracing your creative side is a perfect Easter activity in our eyes. 

Easter Egg Relay Race 

Last but not least, our fifth idea that we think is perfect for an Easter get-together is a spin on the classic egg and spoon race. Divide everyone into teams and designate a start and finish line. Scatter the eggs along your garden, making sure that each team has an equal number of eggs to collect. The challenge? Instead of the usual trying to balance an egg on a spoon, we at Crown Pavilions love our own little twists, hence why in this race, you can only transport them using only a spoon held in your mouth! This exciting activity adds a dash of competition and teamwork to your Easter celebration, guaranteeing laughter and memorable moments for all involved. 

These funky Easter Egg Hunt ideas are guaranteed to inject excitement and joy into your Easter weekend, wishing you a very Happy Easter from us at Crown Pavilions.  

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