Building Garden Rooms in Listed Properties

As part of our national heritage, listed buildings come with their own unique architectural appeal and historical charm. However, along with the many privileges of owning a listed building comes great responsibility as you must find the balance between respecting the property’s original features while also modernising the building to meet your modern needs and personal taste. Despite the restrictions, many listed building owners do choose to renovate their homes, opting for a more contemporary design or building a home extension for added space. There are a few things to consider when refurbishing or building a garden room on a listed building. Read on to find out more.

Is planning permission required when building a garden room on listed properties?

In most cases, building a garden room on a heritage site or around a listed building falls within scope of permitted development so does not therefore require planning permission. Whereas, any structural building development or changes to the curtilage of the listed or heritage building will require permission; the curtilage refers to any piece of land attached to the original property. This includes raising or lowering ground level, creating paved pathways or extending the property. 

The garden area around a listed property is not typically considered as curtilage therefore does not require planning permission however, on the rare occasion that it does, it is more than likely that permission will be granted.

Find out more about planning permission for garden rooms.

Do I need listed building consent?

If you are planning to build on or around a Grade 1, Grade 2* or Grade 2 listed building, you may need to apply for listed building content. Grade 2 listed garden restrictions are in place to protect the historical significance of the property. For this reason, written consent from the local planning authority may be required for some works, such as  building an extension connected to the main building, original outbuildings or any walls constructed before 1948. Make sure to be extra careful as original fences can sometimes be considered as listed, too! 

Garden rooms are built separate from your main building and do not have any shared walls with original architecture, fences or trees, so do not require planning permission when built to correct specifications.

Do your research

If you are still unsure about the building regulations for your listed property, it is important to do your research to make sure you do not build illegally or risk hefty fines. We recommend talking to your neighbours or anyone in your local area who has recently built a garden room as they may be able to help you understand the requirements or offer useful advice. You can also contact the planning department of your local authority who can provide you with the information you need.

Alternatively, please get in touch with our team who can conduct a site assessment to determine whether you require planning permission for your chosen garden room for a listed building.

At Crown Pavilions, we build our garden rooms using premium grade timber, designed to complement your outdoor space and historical elements of your property. Our teams have experience installing garden rooms for listed buildings and know how to strike the right balance between meeting modern needs, including residential grade insulation and aluminium windows, while also maintaining the charming character of your listed building. Our stunning selection of garden rooms are built to meet permitted development guidelines which means planning permission is not a typical requirement.

Your next steps

The application process for planning permission is simple and can be submitted online on the Planning Portal. Here, you will also find a range of useful resources to help you gain a better understanding of the building regulations applicable to you, as well as updates on recent developments.

Our Crown experts are also on hand to help guide you through the application process for building on listed properties, provide you with valuable advice and answer any questions you may have.

Browse through our range of beautiful garden rooms and find the perfect model for your outdoor space.

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