Crown Pavilions speak with top psychologist about how to take the stress out of homeschooling

It’s fair to say that for most, this lockdown has been worse than its predecessors. The first time around, many were energised by the novelty and opportunity to try out new things and bond collectively in the fight. This time we’re not basking in sunshine and are certainly more homebound. 

Parents feel more stretched than ever and usual coping strategies such as a coffee with friends, the spa, the theatre, are all gone. 

In light of this, we sought to uncover how best to use your home and any space you have to take the stress out of homeschooling. 

Speaking exclusively with Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Karen Hathaway, we wanted to know how families can counter the loss of experiences by creating new ones at home and from their garden rooms

“Use all the space you have. The kitchen and living room are often the focus for schooling but using different rooms can change the feel of interactions. Try doing your morning Joe Wicks in the kids’ room, have a film night snuggled in your bed or get the kids to come up with ideas for different activities within the home.”


Maintaining mental wellbeing

Kids are resilient and can often be more adaptable than adults but we can’t know the impact of this period and its effect on their development. 

“Young kids will look to their parents to make sense of their world. So, the best thing parents can do is take care of themselves,” says Hathaway. “If they’re ok, the kids are more likely to be too. And I would advise against doing something because you feel you should. Sometimes, sticking a film on for the kids while you have a hot bath will be more beneficial than trying to orchestrate an evening of board games.”


Finding comfort in the ordinary

Replicating the movement in a school day can be vital for maintaining some semblance of normality. Hathaway advises that it may be helpful to change rooms between classes or to transition from home to school with a short walk in the morning and the same in the afternoon. 

“The outdoors are so important for all the family to leave some stress behind and simply be in the moment.”

There are a wealth of learning opportunities that can be accessed from the outdoors. Even setting children a short 15 minute task outside can allow working parents a short but deserved coffee break. “If the garden brings the parents joy by pottering around, the kids will be more inclined to be out there too,” says Hathaway.


We love to hear how our customers are using our garden rooms for all the family:

“We use the room all year round as a quiet room, kids’ room, movie room and a study. It was a great investment and gave us the extra space we really needed.”

“We adore our Pavilion. My children have taken to using it to revise for exams.”

If you’re looking for extra space for your family our garden rooms offer the best solution whether it be for homeschooling purposes, an escape from the ordinary or a space to destress.


Luke Dejahang

CEO & Co-founder


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