How much does a garden room cost?

A question we get asked a lot is how much does a garden room cost? It can be a very difficult question to answer since the cost of a garden room will vary greatly depending on many different factors, the most obvious being size. At Crown Pavilions, we offer a starting price for each of our garden room models which helps to give you an indication of the size of the investment. Here we’ll explain more about what’s included in the price of a garden room, as well as potential additional costs to consider when building a garden room. 

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How much is a garden room?

We offer three beautiful garden room models: the Sandingham, Clarence and Buckingham. Each model is unique in its own way but all boast meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite design. 


The Sandringham is our classic model which features a timeless timber clad roof. It is available in sizes ranging from 4m x 4m, all the way up to 10m x 5m and includes a range of additional features. The Sandringham has a starting price of £21,280, however this is subject to change depending on chosen size and upgrades.

[Sandringham Garden Room by Crown Pavilions]


The Clarence is our contemporary model, characterised by its striking feature wall which is available in a selection of finishes. The Clarence ranges in size, from 4m x 3m to 10m x 5.5m with a starting price of £22,550.

[Clarence Garden Room by Crown Pavilion]


The Buckingham model is our most versatile, combining an insulated room with an attached gazebo area, providing both outdoor and indoor living space. With the Buckingham, you can build from 5.5m x 3m, up to 10m x 5.5m with prices starting from £26,180.

[Buckingham Garden Room by Crown Pavilion]


We can also work with you to design a bespoke garden room, tailored to suit your lifestyle. When it comes to bespoke garden rooms, the possibilities really are endless, so giving an indication of cost without knowing the specifics of your build is difficult. The cost of a garden office, hot tub shelter, or home gym, for example, will vary hugely. 

At Crown Pavilions, we offer 100% transparency with regards to the price of our garden rooms and if you are looking for a quote for a specific build, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to provide you with an estimate.*


What’s included in the price?

A garden room often includes so much more than just the building itself. Choosing a luxury Crown Pavilions garden room means you will also benefit from:

  • A pent EPDM roof
  • External Thermowood cladding
  • 190mm thick walls
  • 100mm residential grade rockwool insulation slabs 
  • 90mm high density foil backed insulation
  • Aluminium framed doors – choose from french, bi-folding or sliding doors
  • Engineered oak flooring
  • Painted Dulux white matte plasterboard walls and ceiling
  • Brushed stainless steel lighting – recessed dimmable spotlights
  • High grade flush mounted electrical pre-wired sockets
  • Brushed stainless steel dimmer switch
  • Delivery and installation within mainland England & Wales


All essential aspects listed above are included when you purchase a Crown Pavilions luxury garden room, however we also have a selection of superior additional features and upgrades for you to choose from, such as underfloor heating and air conditioning.


Are there any additional costs to consider?


There may be a few extra costs to consider in addition to the cost of the garden room itself, which include:

  • Site survey: a site survey is essential in order to determine whether a concrete base or ground screws are required for the foundations of your garden room.
  • Groundworks: post-site survey, you will either need to install a concrete base or ground screws to act as the foundations to your garden room. We can provide a quote for this service on request.
  • Mains electrical connections: you will need an electrician to run an armoured cable from your fuse box to your garden room. We can also provide a quote for this service on request.
  • Levelling: level ground within 20cm is required to build a garden room. We request this is completed before we begin the building process. We do not offer this service, however we can advise on the types of groundwork required during your consultation.
  • Planning permission: a garden room which exceeds 30m x 30m is classed as an annexe building and requires planning permission, which can sometimes incur additional costs. A Crown Pavilions garden room rarely requires planning permission as it falls within permitted development guidelines. Read our guide to planning permission to find out more.


Is a garden room worth the cost?


A garden room makes a valuable addition to your home; it acts as a long term investment, an appealing selling point of your home and, best of all, provides a beautiful space to use as you wish. 

A garden room is also a much quicker and cost-effective way of extending your home and increasing your living space in comparison to conversatories, loft conversions or attached home extensions. Installing a garden room also causes much less disruption to your home life during the building process as it’s separate to your main residence.  

A Crown Pavilions luxury garden room is constructed from the finest quality materials and are guaranteed to last up to 20 years, so you can make the most of your garden for years to come. 


Contact us to find out more or visit one of our showrooms to view our display models. *Please note that all prices are correct at time of publication and may be subject to change.

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