What is a Garden Room?


Garden rooms have long been a popular choice for households looking to make the most of their outdoor space and bring a little luxury to their life. At Crown Pavilions, we have been designing the finest garden rooms and wooden gazebos for over a decade and have continued to see this great demand now more than ever, as more people find themselves spending more time at home and are in need of the extra room.

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What is a Garden Room?

By definition, a garden room is an insulated building in your garden that is separate from your main residence – however it is really so much more than that. Unlike a shed, a garden room is a luxury structure, generally made from the highest quality natural materials, built to withstand the weather and provide year-long use. They make a beautiful addition to your home, allowing for a multi-functional space with additional furnishings and versatile designs, not just an outbuilding to store your bric-a-brac and tools.


What is a garden room used for?

A garden room offers you a secluded haven from the stresses and distractions of home life. Throughout our many years designing and installing luxury garden buildings, one of the most important lessons we’ve learnt is that there is no limit to the potential of your garden room. Whether you are looking to create extra space for leisure or privacy work, you can tailor your room to suit your lifestyle and truly make it your own.


Garden Rooms for Leisure

There are many different ways you can use a garden room to kick back and relax or to pursue your hobbies and make time for your interests. For example, you can turn your new room into a fully equipped home gym, zen yoga studio, cosy home cinema, lavish bar or hot tub room – the choice is yours.

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Garden Rooms for Work

If you are self-employed or work remotely, you can use the space as a professional home office, allowing you to work productively but still have extra time to spend with your family, as well as save time and money on your commute.

Garden Offices by Crown Pavilions

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Bespoke Garden Rooms

But why choose between the two? If you’re looking to combine both business and pleasure, you can customise your garden room to create a multi-functional space to fulfil all your needs. It’s all in the finer details when it comes to perfecting your outdoor living space and making it fit for function. That’s why we offer you the choice to hand-select your windows, doors, roofing, flooring, and more, from our range of excellently curated options.

bespoke garden room

[Bespoke Garden Rooms by Crown Pavilions]

As standard, our bespoke rooms are installed with full insulation, double glazing and optional heating solutions, and are therefore suitable for use anytime of year, rain or shine.  

Find out more about our bespoke garden room options.


Why choose a garden room?

Different from a conservatory, loft or home extension, a garden room rarely requires planning permission when built under standard regulations; this allows you up to 2.5m in height and permission to build anywhere in your private garden. A garden room is a much more efficient alternative too, taking only a couple of weeks to construct using traditional building methods with little disruption to you and your neighbours. It is also a cost-effective option which will add significant value and luxury appeal to your home.


Benefits of a garden room

  • No planning permission required for most builds
  • Site survey conducted before build
  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • No surprise costs or delays
  • Doors, windows, lighting and cladding included
  • Cost-effective compared to loft conversion or home extension
  • Extra living space for work and leisure
  • Added value to your property
  • Unique, luxury feature to your home
  • Additional privacy as built separate from your main residence

For more information regarding planning permission, please see our guide to planning permission requirements for garden rooms.


What is the difference between a garden room and a shed?

A garden room is very similar to a room in your house and should not be compared to a ‘posh shed’. Garden rooms are designed for comfortable living and convenience, not simply storage, like a shed.

At Crown Pavilions, we consider every aspect of our garden rooms to ensure the highest quality and comfort. All our garden rooms are fully insulated for a water-tight building, free from leaks and draught. Each is fitted with residential grade windows and doors for optimal light and added security, and we offer a range of bespoke features and furnishings to make you feel at home.


What is the difference between a garden room and a conservatory?

A conservatory was once referred to as a garden room however, now, the two names refer to very different types of buildings. A conservatory is built attached to your main residence whereas a garden room is detached. This provides added privacy and less disruption to home life during the building process.

Additionally, unlike a conservatory, a garden room seldom requires planning permission and is much quicker to build, too.


Why choose a Crown Pavilions garden room?

At Crown, we are proud to say that we offer the very best in quality, both in our builds and our customer service. Expect nothing less than a five-star experience from the very beginning, all the way to our after-sale services and maintenance advice.

Our highly skilled team of carpenters and joiners will build your garden room from the ground up using only traditional timber building methods and without quality compromising short-cuts. All our work is quality controlled and we are one of the few providers certified by TRADA (Timber Research & Development Association). This is the main reason why we’re able to offer a 20-year guarantee on all our garden rooms (twice the industry average).

We provide the option to work alongside our experienced designers to create a bespoke building, giving you the opportunity to customise your garden room and add a personal touch to your new space.

To find out more please visit our Garden Room and Wooden Gazebo pages or get in touch to speak to a member of the team today!

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CEO & Co-founder

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