7 Garden Office Interior Design Ideas

Garden office interior

With many of us spending the majority of our week working from home, we are beginning to see more people seeking to revamp or rebuild their garden room and create a professional home office. If you’re looking for garden office ideas or interior design inspiration, then look no further. Here are our top 7 garden office design ideas to help make you more productive and create a positive work-life balance at home.

1. A dedicated workspace

When working from home, it is often easy to blur the lines between work and family life which can lead to unproductivity from distractions and exhaustion from working overtime. A temporary seat at your dining table or a makeshift office in your bedroom can make this difficult to avoid. It’s important to create separation between your home and work life, and a garden office provides the perfect solution for this. A garden room is a stand-alone building that provides a dedicated workspace, away from all household noises and disturbances.

2. A comfortable set up

When it comes to choosing office furniture, you should never compromise. Desk jobs are one of leading contributors to neck pain, back ache and bad posture, so if you work 9-5 sitting at your desk, you need to make sure you are comfortable. We recommend you invest in ergonomic seating and an appropriate desk to ensure you are not slouched or strained.

Standing desks have become increasingly popular and can be a great solution for someone who suffers from back pain caused by sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time. If standing isn’t for you, there are also a few nifty gadgets you can get to help, such as lumbar support pillows, footrests and wrist supports.

3. Light & Airy

Sitting under harsh artificial light can cause screen glare and give you a headache. Instead, you should aim to incorporate some natural light into your garden office design. At Crown Pavilions, we offer a range of beautiful windows and skylights to choose from to help make your garden office a pleasant and bright place to work.

Ventilation is also so important for your home office as no one wants to work in a stuffy room. We offer a selection of aluminium garden office doors, including bi-fold and French styles. All our doors are expertly engineered, fitted with air vents, double-glazed and argon gas filled for added insulation and temperature regulation. We also provide additional heating upgrades for extra warmth in the winter months, so you can use your garden office all year round.

4. Set the mood

Fill your workspace with all your favourite things to create the cool garden office you’ve always dreamed of. Add a touch of life with green plants and flowers which help purify the air and keep it fresh. You can also introduce a soothing ambience with an essential oils diffuser or scented candles. Don’t forget to also decorate your walls with creative art, sculptures or even family photos to help create a space that motivates and inspires you.

5. Organisation & Storage

Scandivavian interior design makes for the perfect garden office inspiration, keeping it simple and functional by reducing clutter and maintaining a clear space to get on with your work. A clear space means a clear mind.

Go for natural wooden furniture and neutral colours, a perfect match for your natural surroundings and beautiful Thermowood or Cedar garden room.

With Crown Pavilions, you can also choose a garden room with added storage space to keep all your miscellaneous items which may otherwise clutter your space. In this way, you can minimise distractions but also have a safe and stylish place to store away office equipment and client documents, for example.

6. A space to wind down

Taking breaks can help you boost creativity and actually get more work done than soldiering on for hours on end. So, your garden office design should take relaxation into account and provide a space for you to de-stress. Why not have a beanbag corner or comfy sofa to kick back and relax on during your morning break?

Our platinum multi-room garden building offers an ideal solution, featuring multiple separate rooms to use for different purposes. Choose from a range of combinations, including offices, home gyms, bars and cinema rooms. What better way to spend your lunch break than blowing off some steam on the treadmill or catching up on your favourite TV programmes? Or why not build a little kitchenette? Working from home doesn’t mean you need to miss out on your usual office coffee breaks! Simply set up a convenient hot drinks station or install your very own barista coffee machine to whip up tasty drinks in your home office without having to trek across the garden.

7. Sound system

For a final touch, choose a quality sound system to play your favourite music while you work. Multiple scientific studies show that playing background music while working can help you stay focused, especially while carrying out repetitive tasks. Whether it’s relaxing symphonies to help you concentrate or energetic tunes to keep you going, listening to music will help elevate your mood and productivity. Our expert designers can help you install a state-of-the-art integrated sound system in your garden room. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about the neighbours as all our garden rooms come with the option for additional soundproofing for added privacy.

If our garden office design tips have given you some inspiration and you’re interested in building a luxury garden office, please fill in the contact form below or get in touch with our team to find out more.

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