Gazebos and Pergolas: What Are the Differences Between the Two? 

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Are you looking for ways to enhance your garden and think it’s in need of a new addition but don’t know where to begin? When thinking about garden transformations, many homeowners tend to opt for the decorative and practical structures like gazebos and pergolas, creating inviting outdoor spaces in the comfort of your own garden. However, despite both their popularities, distinguishing the two from each other can be confusing for many, and as industry leaders, we at Crown Pavilions want to clarify what differentiates both a gazebo and a pergola. 

What is a Gazebo? 

A gazebo is a freestanding open structure with a closed roof, usually hexagonal or octagonal in shape, providing shade and shelter from the elements – whether it be sunshine or rain. They are commonly used as outdoor seating areas for relaxing, dining or socialising as an addition to someone’s home. They come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small, intimate structures, like our wooden Rose gazebo, to larger pavilion-like designs, such as the Crown Orangery Luxury Gazebo. 

What is a Pergola? 

A pergola is also an outdoor structure but differs to that of a gazebo due to its vertical pillars/posts that support the crossbeams that make to create an open lattice or roof structure. Unlike gazebos, they usually have an open-air design, allowing for sunlight to filter through while providing some shade. Pergolas serve as ideal structures for effortlessly blending indoor and outdoor areas, allowing you to adorn them with climbing plans and vines – infusing your garden with natural charm through delightful pergola design. For this reason, you tend to see that most pergolas are wooden. 

The Differences in Roof and Wall Structure 

What differentiates both gazebos and pergolas are two rather critical structural elements; their roofing and wall structure. Whilst they both offer a shady spot to relax and unwind with some added privacy whilst outdoors, they do vary significantly in their design. Depending on the amount of space available and your personal preference, it is important to consider these factors before investing in either option. Gazebos are stand-alone structures, whereas wooden pergolas can be attached to an exterior wall of a house to extend the space outdoors whether it be to block out some direct sunlight through exterior windows, or to create a middle-ground of where the indoors meets the outdoors of your home.  

Gazebos have an enclosed, pitched roof, and most often than not have a slightly elevated floor. They tend to be much more weatherproof than pergolas, providing complete protection from the sun and rain, and in our opinion, offer a much lovelier view of the surrounding outdoor area, simultaneously standing out as a striking focal point of any garden. Pergolas don’t have an enclosed roof, instead they consist of an open lattice of slats or cross beams, which allows some sunlight to shine through. 

Our Choice 

While both gazebos and pergolas make fantastic additions to any backyard, with each offering its own set of unique features and benefits, our personal preference naturally leans towards gazebos. Not only do they provide a permanent sheltered outdoor space in your garden, but their versatility in design means that there’s an option for everyone, and that they are suitable for year-round use. On top of this, we also find wooden gazebos to be particularly stunning additions to a garden, making them a great investment. 

We’re here to guide you in crafting your ideal outdoor sanctuary with our selection of luxury wooden gazebos. With our help here at Crown Pavilions, you can transform your garden into a haven that reflects your unique style and preferences. Get in touch with our experts on all-things gazebos today! 

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