Teenage Garden Den Ideas

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The teenage years can be a stressful time for our kids (and us), while they are trying to figure out who they are and get through their exams. Experts say it’s best to give your teens some space and create some barriers during this time, and a luxury garden room can help you do just that.

A garden room is built to residential standards, separate from your home, and offers the perfect option for parents looking to create a comfortable space for their teens to relax and gain some independence and privacy – whilst you enjoy the same inside the house.

Best of all, a garden room is a long-term investment with unlimited potential. So, although it may be a teenage garden room today, your kids will eventually grow out of it, and you can then transform the space into a home office, extra bedroom, bar, gym – you name it.

Check out some of the best teenage garden den ideas to get started.

Get your teen involved in the garden den design

If you really want to impress your kids and create a secluded space for them to hang out in after school or invite friends over on the weekend, we recommend getting them involved in the design process. Maybe they need a quiet study space for exam season, a cosy cinema room for movie nights or a guest room for slumber parties – you’ll need to factor this into your plans.

Install the latest entertainment systems

No teenage den would be complete without state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Whether it’s the latest PlayStation or VR set-up, you can create the coolest games room for your teen. And, with the option for additional soundproofing, they can play into the early hours without disturbing the whole household. The same goes for music and movies. Deck out your garden room with surround sound speakers, wide screens and projectors, so your kids can host movie nights or parties with their friends, without making a peep.

And, don’t forget one of the most important things: a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Your teens want to be able to scroll through social media for hours on end or access their favourite streaming apps without interruptions. That being said, why not install lightning ports or wireless charging pads for their phones, so they never run low on juice?

Design a multifunctional space

A teenage den garden room can be purpose-built, however, why limit yourself to just one function? Design and build a bespoke multifunctional space that works for you. This can be especially useful as your teens find new interests and slowly grow up.

We recommend installing nifty, space-saving solutions, such as hidden storage and foldable furniture. Sofa beds can be a fantastic option, as they provide a comfortable bed for guests or sleepovers, but fold away when you don’t need them, saving lots of space.

Better yet, why not go for a multi-room model to incorporate all your needs under one roof? That way, you can pair a sleek office for studying with a comfortable living space to relax, or a cosy guest room with a home cinema next door. The combinations are endless.

Keep the space secure

We all like to know that our kids are safe, especially if they plan to stay in the garden room overnight. Parents can rest assured that our buildings are equipped with residential grade ironmongery and locks, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your children are out of harm’s way. Our teams can also advise on additional security features, such as CCTV, smart doorbells, floodlights and alarms, for extra peace of mind.

Our locks are accepted by most insurance companies, protecting your property and belongings from theft, too,

Create a private and secluded environment

Teenagers hate nothing more than nosy parents. Give your teens the privacy they deserve, within reason, with a garden room just for them. Since it is built separate from your home, there are no shared walls with your main building, which offers soundproofing in itself, but we also offer additional soundproofing for extra measure.

Decorate to suit your teen’s taste

Let your kids project their personality in the space with their own decorations, furniture and lighting. This way, you can work together to design a space that suits their style and works around their needs. After all, it’s their space.

Install a mini-fridge, hot drinks machine and snacks station so your teens can enjoy a refreshment without having to go back into the house. This is ideal for fuelling throughout long study sessions and when they have friends over.

A Crown Pavilions teenage garden room

At Crown Pavilions, we have over a decade of experience designing and building luxury garden rooms to suit all purposes. Our expert team can work with you to create your dream teenage garden den, kitted out with all the bespoke fittings and features.

Browse our garden room collection and wooden gazebo range, check out some more small garden room ideas, or get in touch with our team today.

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