Who Would You Invite to Your Garden Bar Event? 

With the sun shining and winter now behind us, garden weather will soon be upon us. Barbecues, outdoor dinner parties, social gatherings all taking place in your luxury gazebos and summer houses – these are just a few of the delightful activities awaiting us in the warmer days ahead. So, here’s an intriguing question us at Crown Pavilions have for you; if you could host five celebrities at your garden party, who would you choose? 

Bringing Star Power to Your Garden

If the recent BRIT awards are anything to go by, it’s clear that the music industry’s top talents know how to put on a show. Our first celebrity we’d choose to have at our garden party would be none other than Dua Lipa. If her performance is anything to go by, her energising character would bring heaps of fun and energy to the garden event, dancing the night away under the stars or in your swanky garden bar room.  

Why Alan Titchmarsh is the Perfect Guest for Your Garden Soirée

The second individual we would choose to have as a guest would have to be the legendary Alan Titchmarsh. Known as a gardening guru and television personality, he would bring an air of sophistication and warmth to any gathering, hence why we’d choose him. Imagine strolling through your garden with Alan as your guide, imparting invaluable gardening tips and stories to you and all your guests whilst sipping on aperitivos made in your own outdoor cocktail lounge – what more could you want!  

From Silver Screen to Garden Green

Our next guest we’d invite has to be 2024’s Best Actor Oscar Winner Cillian Murphy. Not only was this award his first ever one, a personal career-defining moment, but also etches into history his achievement as the first Irish-born star to win this accolade. It’s a moment of collective pride for Murphy, his family, and the nation of Ireland too! From his portrayal of Tommy Shelby to his captivating embodiment of mastermind J. Robert Oppenheimer, the multitude of tales and fascinating conversations with Cillian are bound to transform the garden party into an unforgettable event. Imagine having the Tommy Shelby sat in your summer house, just chatting and drinking away… Sounds like a dream doesn’t it!  

Inspiring Change with Idris Elba

Our fourth guest would have to be Idris Elba. A multifaceted star, whose talent’s span across acting, music, and advocacy, his presence would add an extra level of enrichment to our star-studded line-up. His philanthropic efforts and commitment to social change, shown through his many endeavours, including the founding of the Elba Hope Foundation, demonstrate his passion for positive change. His presence at our garden party wouldn’t only make for a great time but would also inspire us to aim higher and contribute more to the betterment of our society, striving for a better future. 

Injecting Life and Laughter with James Acaster

Last but not least, for the fifth and final guest for Crowns’ swanky soirée, it has got to be James Acaster. His witty humour and endearing personality would inject a lot of life into our event. His presence would ensure that laughter fills the air, and that everyone would be having a great time. Not to mention that this gathering would make for an incredible feature on his Off Menu podcast – don’t you want to know what Alan Titchmarsh’s ideal three-course menu consists of?  

From Dua Lipa’s infectious energy to Alan’s gardening wisdom, Cillian Murphy’s charm, Idris’ commitment to positive change and James Acaster’s humour, each guest brings their own unique appeal to the best garden bar event of 2024. Our bespoke gazebos and garden houses provide the perfect setting for unforgettable evenings, and as you plan your own outdoor gathering, let Crown Pavilions be your partner in creating a space where your dreams come to life.  

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