How to connect electricity to your garden room

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If you’re looking to create a comfortable and homely garden room, you will need to install all the necessary facilities. Whether it’s high-speed internet and plug sockets for your garden office, or electric heaters and ambient lighting for your cinema room, you will need a garden room with electricity for everything to function as it should. Connecting electrics to your outhouse doesn’t need to be complicated and can be included as part of the initial building process. We will cover the following:

  • How do I connect a garden room with electricity?
  • What are the regulations on electrics in a garden room?
  • How much does it cost to supply a garden room with electricity?
  • Should electricity run overground or underground?
  • Why choose Crown Pavilions?

How do I connect a garden room with electricity?

Connecting electricity to your garden room is simple. All you need to do is run an armoured cable from your main electricity supply in your home to your garden room. Typically, this will be installed underground and connected to an electrical fuse box, or consumer unit, in your garden building.

It is important that all electrical work is carried out by a licensed professional and you do not attempt to wire your garden room unless you are a qualified electrician.

What are the regulations on electrics in a garden room?

All electrical work must meet Part P Electrical Safety work regulation specifications to ensure you are safe from fire risks and electric shocks. These laws apply to any electrics installed in your home, garden or outbuildings, including garden rooms. For any major electrical installations, you must inform your local authority building-control or hire a government-approved electrician. You will receive a certificate to confirm these regulations have been followed.

Please note that homeowners are responsible for ensuring that these regulations are met, not the electrician. If you fail to do so, you may be required to remove any new electrical installations.

How much does it cost to supply a garden room with electricity?

The cost of supplying a garden room with electricity usually covers digging up a trench (at least 500mm deep) from your home to your garden building, which requires hard work and specialist labour. The cost will vary depending on your chosen provider.

Supplying a garden room or summerhouse with electricity is a relatively small job, so you will need to decide whether it is better to hire an electrician by an hourly or day rate.

Some homeowners choose to dig a trench themselves to save on costs, however, this can be tedious work and is best left to the professionals. Especially if you have hard terrain, you may need power tools to get the job done.

At Crown Pavilions, our team can advise you on all aspects of mains electricity connection and provide a quote for any electrical work. We can also carry out any essential electrical or bespoke installations.

Should electricity run overground or underground?

When installing an armoured cable from your house to your garden room, electricity should run underground rather than overground as this is much safer and more efficient. If you have any other work done to your garden room, such as routine gutter or window cleaning, having electrical wires underground will prevent any accidental damage. Electrical wires can also be an eye-sore for your outdoor space and are better hidden away.

Why choose Crown Pavilions?

Crown Pavilions are the leading provider of luxury wooden garden rooms in the UK, offering residential-grade garden buildings designed for year-round use. Our standard garden buildings include built-in lights, electrical socks and pre-wired switches that terminate in an external fuse box.* Our expert team is also available to advise on additional electrical work or bespoke fixtures. Please get in touch for more information.

*Standard electrical work must be carried out during the initial garden room installation and cannot be done after completion of the build.

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