What Do the Interior Experts Think? Interior Garden Room Design Tips

Garden room with outdoor seating and hot tub

As we have established here at Crown Pavilions, a garden room or luxury wooden gazebo is the perfect solution for you if you’re looking to expand your home. It’s a great way to make the most of your outdoor space, where you can tailor your luxury garden room to suit your lifestyle. 

Currently, garden rooms and luxury gazebos are more in demand than ever, owing in no small part to consumer demand for sustainable, biologically designed spaces.  

Whether it’s an outdoor garden bar and entertainment area, a sophisticated garden office for your flexible work routine, a place where you can slowly watch the world go by, or even your own personal gym, luxury garden rooms can be built to serve any purpose. 

But once you’ve decided to invest in your luxurious, state-of-the-art garden room, the next challenge arises: How do I transform this into the garden room of my dreams? 

We’ve curated a comprehensive guide, featuring insights from top interior designers, to walk you through each step of the interior design process – making it easy and stress-free for you. 

Garden Room Design Considerations

First things first, you must decide what the designated purpose of your garden room space is going to be before you think about furniture, lighting, and utilities. You also may need to consider if you want it to complement your property’s style.  

MyJobQuote.co.uk’s Interior Design Expert, Ryan McDonough explains:  

“A contemporary style of garden room would suit a modern townhouse and a garden of architectural plants while a wooden hideaway tucked into a cottage garden is perfect for a country home.” 

 But do remember, personal preference should be your main motivation. 

He also suggests thinking about how much natural light you want, and the best orientation for your intended use. Do you want to screen the garden room from the house or have it on display? 

The room’s function and purpose will also help shape your future decisions of whether you need to make sure you need to have utilities in your garden room. Is it going to be used all year round or just in summer; are you going to be using it daily or as an occasional extra space for entertaining guests, or chilling out after work?  

Multifunctional Rooms 

One of the most popular garden trends of this last year is the wild garden trend – a trend dedicated to fostering and cultivating the growth and attraction of wildlife. This also coincides with the rising popularity of biophilic design, which integrates natural elements into interior spaces. 

Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director at Daval Furniture states that he is “seeing a growing number of alternatives to the traditional conservatory or orangery, welcoming stylistically pure indoor-outdoor spaces.”  

Embracing Bold Colours and Textures

Now once you’ve decided on the function of your garden room, it’s time for the second step; choosing the perfect look. However, with so many great colour schemes to choose from, this step can be quite tricky. The pressure is on because your choice will shape the entire atmosphere and character of your garden room, making it a crucial part of the design process. 

Flora Hogg, Interior Designer at Craig & Rose recommends colours that will evoke a calming atmosphere. 

“Taking inspiration from your garden, earthy tones for a grounding effect are best. Shades such as Olive Laque, Venetian Red, Lucienne Olive, and Tapestry Green from Craig & Rose’s palette are perfect for this!” 

Amanda Foster of Foster Decor also has some vibrant and daring ideas. 

“For my garden room, I’d go buck wild with a palette of rich, saturated hues. Maybe a deep emerald green backdrop to mimic the lushness of the outdoors, paired with pops of fuchsia, sunshine yellow, and touches of inky blue. Don’t be afraid to colour clash – it adds so much energy and personality!”  

She also emphasises layering textures to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Think plush velvet sofas, a thick hand-knotted jute area rug, even a Moroccan wedding blanket as a vibrant accent throw… 

Not only do these features add comfort, but they also enhance the overall aesthetic of your garden room. What more could you want! 

Budget-Friendly Garden Transformations

With all these endless possibilities and opportunities to create the garden room that you’ve always wanted, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and perhaps go a little overboard. At Crown Pavilions, our goal is to help you achieve your vision without being too excessive.  

That’s why Rudolph Diesel, Interior Designer, advises, “less is truly more when putting together a garden room.  

Steer clear of incorporating materials that aren’t suitable for outdoor environments if you want to ensure the long-term durability and longevity of your garden room.” 

He also emphasises the importance of lighting and how this can enhance your garden room effortlessly without breaking the bank. He recommends installing a mix of overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to maximise the functional and aesthetic value of your room throughout the year, especially during the darker months. 

Samantha Richards, garden gazebo expert at Gazeboshop also has some great cost-effective tips for transforming your garden room. 

“All you need is a brush and some paint. Whether that’s adding a fresh coating of painting to refresh its weathered look or opting for a bright new colour to change it up, there are many options to choose from. 

She also adds, “sometimes all you need is a thorough clean and some stylish décor to completely transform your patio space. Adding some string fairy lights and getting an outdoor table with chairs can make your garden look even more welcoming.” 

Your Perfect Garden Room 

As highlighted by the interior experts, crafting your perfect garden room requires time and attention. From the initial design and purpose, the colour scheme, lighting, and furniture, to the surrounding outdoor space, there’s more to this process than it seems. 

However, planning permission is not normally required as our buildings are designed to fall within permitted development. Your new garden room will be erected “in situ”, usually taking 7-21 days. 

When you commission a garden room from Crown, you will be taking on ownership of a timber structure that’s been hand-built, in England, to permanent building standards and which over-delivers on quality and workmanship both inside and out.  

Rest assured, creating your garden dream room is well worth the effort. And with this comprehensive guide we’ve so carefully crafted, you’re in great hands with us here at Crown Pavilions as the undisputed market leader in the world’s finest garden rooms, thanks to our Marque of Excellence

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