What Size Garden Room is Best for you?

Choosing the right size garden room can make all the difference when creating a comfortable outdoor space for you and your family. From different budgets to planning permission regulations, there are a number of considerations you need to think about when deciding what garden room size is best for you. At Crown Pavilions, we have over a decade of experience designing and building luxury garden rooms so we are here to help you make a decision and create the stylish, outdoor space of your dreams.


What Garden Room size is Right for you?


Before choosing a garden room model or size, you need to consider the following factors:


Planning Permission

Typically, you will not require planning permission to build a garden room if the building plans adhere to permitted development guidelines. According to regulations, a garden room must not exceed 2.5m in height (if within 2m of a boundary) or cover more than 50% of the land around the original house. So, if you are looking to build a larger bespoke garden room, you may need to apply for planning permission with your local council. At Crown Pavilions, all of our standard garden rooms fall within permitted development guidelines therefore usually do not require planning permission. For more information, check out our planning permission guide.


Garden Size

Finding the right size garden room for your garden may seem obvious but it is key to creating a beautiful outdoor space that fits harmoniously within your garden. If you have a smaller garden, you may want to consider one of our smaller models so that it looks in proportion to your space and does not take up too much of the lawn or patio flooring. We recommend a size of 4m x 3m for small gardens which is perfect for a garden office, studio or home workout space. If you have plenty of land, you have greater flexibility when it comes to size but we advise our customers to consider how they wish to use their garden room rather than the space they want to fill to inform the final size of their garden room.   



How you plan to use your garden room will impact how big your garden room needs to be. And, in some cases, bigger isn’t always better. Why not go for a small garden room and create a cosy home office or personal man cave just for you?  If you’re looking to go all out, our larger garden room models or combination garden rooms are just the thing. A large garden room makes the perfect space for a dual purpose garden bar/cinema room or a spacious, fully-equipped home gym with shower and w/c, for example. Also, we like to encourage our customers to think about how the usage of their garden room may change over time and factor that into their decision making.  



Ultimately, your decision on the size of your garden room will often depend on your budget. We price our garden rooms based on 0.5m increments. At Crown Pavilions, we spread the cost for you over the duration of the  project with a 20% deposit required for us to start purchasing materials and then staged payments of 40% 10-weeks before the start of the build, 35% 5-days into the build and 5% upon completion of the project and exchange of keys. 


Our Garden Room Sizes


Sandringham ( 4 x 3m to 10 x 5m)



Our Sandringham garden room model ranges from 4 x 3m to 10 x 5m in size and offers a timeless, versatile design that will look fantastic in any garden for years to come. The Crown Sandringham is also available in a range of cladding options and finishes to suit all garden styles, including Thermowood and Cedar cladding and Natural Oak or Rich Walnut stains which add an organic aesthetic and complement a traditional garden.

Most popular sizes and styles:

  • 5 x 4m in Cedar or Thermowood with EPDM Roof
  • 6.5 x 5.5m in Cedar  or Thermowood with EPDM Roof
  • 7 x 5m in Cedar or Thermowood with EPDM Roof
  • 8 x 4m in Cedar or Thermowood with Storage & EPDM Roof
  • 9 x 5m in Cedar or Thermowood with EPDM Roof


Clarence ( 4 x 3m – 10 x 5m)



The Crown Pavilions Clarence garden room model offers a modern twist and creates a focal point for your outdoor space with a striking exterior wall. Similar to the Sandringham, the Crown Clarence comes in sizes, from 4 x 3m – 10 x 5m, with additional paint options, such as Forest Green, Dove White, French Grey, OIive Green, Midnight Black and French Blue, as well as Thermowood, European Redwood or Cedar cladding.

Most popular sizes and styles:

  • 5 x 4m in Thermowood or Cedar with EPDM Roof
  • 6.5 x 5.5m in Thermowood or Cedar with EPDM Roof
  • 7 x 5m in Thermowood or Cedar with EPDM Roof
  • 8 x 4m in Thermowood or Cedar with Storage & EPDM Roof
  • 9 x 5m in Thermowood or Cedar with EPDM Roof


Buckingham ( 5.5 x 3m up to 10 x 5.5m)



Looking for something slightly bigger? The Crown Buckingham offers a spacious outdoor area, ranging from 5.5 x 3m all the way up to 10 x 5.5m, making this the ideal model for large gardens. Our Buckingham model is perfect for hosting dinner guests and throwing parties, anytime of the year. We also offer the option to upgrade your space with additional heating, kitchens and wood-fired ovens and much more for a luxury finish. 

Most popular sizes and styles:

  • 6 x 3m in  Theromowood or Cedar with EPDM Roof
  • 6 x 3m in  Redwood with EPDM Roof 
  • 7 x 4m in  Thermowood or Cedar with EPDM Roof 
  • 7 x 4m in  Redwood with EPDM Roof 
  • 9 x 5m in Thermowood or Cedar with EPDM Roof 


Platinum Multi-Room Garden Rooms at Crown Pavilions



Our multi-purpose garden room collection comes in a range of sizes to suit a variety of uses, including:

A combination garden room offers endless possibilities and the flexibility to adapt your space for multiple purposes. You could create your very own garden bar and cinema space, home gym and yoga studio and more. 


Bespoke Garden Rooms



A bespoke garden room offers the freedom to create a building to your requirements and fit seamlessly into your space. If planning permission permits, a bespoke build offers unlimited potential to build as grand as you wish. At the same time, a bespoke build can also help you fill any small nooks or, otherwise, unusable space in your garden.

View our bespoke gallery for some inspiration.


Let the Experts Help you Make a Decision


Remember that there is no ‘best’ garden room size and your chosen garden room model will depend on various factors which are personal to you. No matter what size garden room you choose, at Crown Pavilions, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, experience and attention to detail. With us, you can trust that you are getting the finest garden room on the market, built by our TRADA (Timber Research And Development Association)- certified team, using only the highest quality materials in our Oxfordshire workshop. 

Browse our range of luxury garden rooms or get in touch with our team to help you make a decision or arrange a no-commitment site visit.

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