The Ultimate Garden Rooms Checklist For Buying A Room

At Crown Pavilions, we have over a decade of experience building luxury garden buildings so we understand that there are some important decisions to make when it comes to buying a garden room. Be that the garden room model, size or purpose, there’s a lot to think about. Here’s our garden room checklist to help make the decision process quick and simple, and ensure you don’t miss anything out. 


We will cover the following questions:

  • What is your garden room going to be used for?
  • Have you chosen a size for your garden room?
  • Have you chosen a style for your garden room?
  • What direction is your garden room going to face?
  • Where are the windows and doors going to be?
  • What lighting are you going to use in your garden room?
  • Who will be using your garden room?


What is your garden room going to be used for?


Building a garden room is a great solution for adding extra space to your home and creating a secluded area for leisure or work. One of the first decisions you need to make is what your garden room will be used for as this will play a key part in shaping your garden room design. A Crown Pavilions garden room is insulated and has excellent sound proofing qualities, making it the perfect place for all kinds of activities, such as a home office, garden gym, bar or cinema – to name a few.


We also offer multi-room garden rooms which are fantastic for creating a dual-purpose space. Some of our favourite combinations include office/gym spaces so you can workout on your lunch break or bar/dining rooms for the ultimate entertainment den for hosting friends and family.


Please note that if you are planning to use your garden room as self-contained living space, to rent out as a B&B for example, you will require planning permission.


Have you chosen a size for your garden room?


Garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the ‘right’ size garden room for you ensures your space is fit-for-purpose. The size of your garden room will depend on various factors, like the size of your garden, your budget and what your garden room will be used for. If you have a smaller garden, it makes sense to go for a smaller garden room but if you have acres of land to work with, what’s stopping you from creating the multi-room garden building of your dreams? Remember to plan ahead as choosing the right size garden room to begin with can save you time and money in the long-run!


Have you chosen a style for your garden room?


There are a number of things to consider when choosing a style for your garden room. Firstly, you need to think about what will complement your outdoor space best. Do you have a modern or more traditional style garden? This can impact your decision on the shape of your garden room or type of cladding you use. Natural wooden cladding looks best in a traditional garden and suits the organic surroundings, whereas a striking slate exterior may look better in a contemporary space.


Next, you should consider the purpose of your garden room. If you’re into alfresco dining or hot tub parties, why not go for a garden room with a veranda or porch? Or if you plan to use your garden room as an office space or to run your business from home, you may want a garden room with storage, to keep your supplies organised and out-of-sight while you work.


If you’re searching for something a little bit different, there’s always the option to go bespoke and create your own garden room style. 


What direction is your garden room going to face?


A Crown Pavilions garden room is designed for year-round use but it is important to remember that the direction your garden room is facing could affect how comfortable the space is at certain times of the year. For example, if you have a south-facing garden room that you would like to use as a home office, it may become uncomfortably warm and bright during the summer unless you invest in appropriate windows, curtains or cooling solutions. However, if you intend to use your garden room as a pool house, you will certainly want it to be south-facing so you can catch some summer rays and enjoy the best of the British sunshine.


Where are the windows and doors going to be?


Windows and doors are so much more than a functional feature. Choosing the right style and placement for your windows and doors can elevate your garden room aesthetically and make your space more comfortable. At Crown Pavilions, our garden rooms come with premium grade aluminium doors and windows which are double-glazed and argon-filled for added insulation. We also offer a range of door styles to choose from, including French, sliding and bi-fold.


What lighting are you going to use in your garden room?


There are a number of different lighting options you can use for your garden room. If artificial light gives you a headache, you may want to design your garden room with large windows, glass doors or even a stunning skylight. This will allow natural light to flow through and create a bright space, ideal for an art studio or office. You can also decorate your garden room with stylish lampshades or impressive lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers or spotlights. Whatever your style, our experienced design team can help you find the perfect lighting solution for your space.


Who will be using your garden room?


The size of your garden room could have an impact on how you can use your garden room and who can use it, too. If you want your garden room to become a social space for hosting parties or for your children to have friends over, you may need to consider a larger building. Similarly, if you would like a multi-functional space, you should go for a spacious, multi-room model.


Again, if you plan to rent out your garden room or even if guests will sleep overnight there regularly, you will require the appropriate planning permission.


Your Perfect Garden Room With Crown Pavilion


Follow our garden room checklist and design the perfect garden building with Crown Pavilions. Get in touch with our team or browse our selection of beautiful garden rooms for more information.


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