6 Garden Room Lighting Ideas

Garden room lit up at sunset

When it comes to creating the perfect interior for your garden room, features such as furniture, flooring, decor and lighting can make a big difference. Lighting is often overlooked and viewed as a functional feature however, choosing the right light fixtures for your garden room is crucial to setting the right atmosphere and creating a comfortable space. Here are some garden room lighting ideas to get you started.

1. Natural Lighting

Natural light is known to have many benefits for both the ambience of your room and your well-being. Natural light is proven to increase productivity and can be a great lighting solution for a garden office. Harsh artificial light can often lead to headaches, while natural light can help create a calm environment and work as an effective stress-reliever.

At Crown Pavilions, we offer a wide range of aluminium-framed glass doors for you to choose from, including bi-fold, French and sliding doors. Glass doors allow you to open up your space to the outdoors and let natural light flood in – ideal for added ventilation in your garden gym or to enjoy a summer’s day in a south facing garden!

2. Skylights

Natural light is not always accessible, especially in a north facing or shady garden. To overcome this, we recommend getting creative with your windows to make the most of the light you do have. Sun pipes, roof windows and skylights are the perfect solution for this and let in rays from above, all day long.

Installing a skylight can help you cut electricity costs and take advantage of the natural light available throughout the day. In this way, a skylight can be an economical choice and great for the environment, too!

3. Ambient Lighting

Creating a tranquil ambience with clever lighting is important if you plan to use your garden room as a yoga studio, meditation space or home cinema. All Crown garden rooms come with dimmer controlled, recessed, ceiling lights and stainless steel fixtures as standard. You could even place a few candles around your garden room for more subtle lighting and to create a serene mood for relaxation. (Make sure to always use candles responsibly and keep them off the floor).

Choosing the right blinds or curtains is also essential so you can block out any unwanted light when needed. Blackout curtains are a fantastic option and can be useful when using a projector for your home cinema or creating a dark meditation space.

4. Exterior Lighting

A Crown Pavilion garden room is designed for year-round use which means you also need to think about outdoor lighting. For example, if you are planning to use your garden room for alfresco dining at night or to relax in the hot tub on an evening, you will require exterior lighting. Fixed wall lights or spotlights are sleek and modern and can provide ample light for your garden room exterior.

Outdoor lighting can also double up as a security measure by acting as a deterrent and alerting you of any movement around your garden room. All our garden rooms are fitted with residential locks and double glazing however motion-detected flood lights are a popular choice to keep your valuables extra safe and offer peace of mind.

5. Lamps

Lamps are useful for adding some extra light on a grey day or to light up a particular area of your garden room, such as a cosy reading corner. A desk lamp is a must-have for your garden office or art studio, and can help you see your work more clearly and improve focus. If you run a business from your garden building, for instance if you are a nail or beauty technician, you can install special beauticians or magnifying lamps.

There are so many different types of lamps out there to choose from, including standing lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and lava lamps, in various colours and styles. For bespoke fitted lamps, please contact our team.

6. Decorative Lighting

Remember, not all lighting fixtures need to be functional. You can use your lighting to decorate your garden room and add a personal touch to your space. Why not hang up some fairy lights to add a magical feeling to your garden library? Or LED colour changing lights to spruce up your trendy garden bar? Whatever your style, you can choose the perfect lighting to match.

Thinking of building your very own garden room or wooden gazebo this year? Check out our stunning range of garden rooms and luxury wooden gazebos, or get in touch with our team for more information.

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