10 Ways to Integrate Garden Design Around Your Garden Room

Garden room located behind a pool

luxury garden room provides convenient extra space in your home and can be used as a gymofficeyoga studio or cinema room.

Yet, a garden room or luxury gazebo offers so much more than functionality, adding sophistication and style to your garden, too. A garden building can complement your landscape seamlessly and add aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

The key is to harmonise your garden design and garden room with complimentary plants, paving, and accessories. Here are our top tips on how to do this.

1. Garden Room Location

Finding the right location to build your garden room is crucial to creating a beautiful, balanced outdoor space. You will need to think carefully about whether you want your garden room to sit tucked away in the corner or take centre-stage and act as a focal point in your garden.

We recommend building on a sunny spot and avoiding building under trees to make the most of natural sunlight. You may also want to leave some distance between your main property or neighbour’s fence for added privacy.

2. Garden Room Size

It is often difficult to visualise what your garden room will look like in your space. Even if you are sure you have enough floor area for your chosen model, you need to take into account the height and visuals of the building.

Using some string and markers, you can get a better picture of how much space the structure will take up and choose an appropriate model and size accordingly. In some cases, you may even find you have enough space for a larger model!

3. Garden Room Model

At Crown Pavilions, our TRADA-certified team builds our luxury garden rooms using the finest European Redwood, Thermowood and Canadian Western Red Cedar which blend beautifully with your natural garden surroundings.

We also offer a more modern style building, Crown Clarence, which features a striking exterior wall in a selection of contemporary finishes, including brick, natural stone and slate. If you’re looking for something brighter to stand out against the natural beauty of your space, consider adding some colour by painting your wooden garden room.

4. Pathways

A garden pathway is a must-have to prevent dragging mud through your stunning new space or back into your home, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Get creative and transform your pathway into a fabulous outdoor feature, rather than just a convenience.

Paving and stepping stones offer a tidy solution and look great leading up to a larger patio area for alfresco dining or sunloungers. Natural stone slabs and granite offer a chic look and are also easy to clean using a jet wash or garden hose, so you can keep your path looking fresh for years to come.

Line your pathway with flower-filled sleepers and ornamental potted plants for a pop of colour and a welcoming touch.

Trellises are also a magnificent way to line your pathway and blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor space. They also double-up as an added privacy measure, providing a screen between your garden room and your neighbours. Wisteria, Honeysuckle and Ivy are perfect climbers for trellises, and create an enchanting atmosphere and smell lovely, too.

5. Fencing

If you require more privacy and want to create a secluded space, consider fencing off your garden room or gazebo with either natural or picket fencing. Picket fences offer a traditional yet charming look, and can be painted in a variety of colours to suit your style.

Similarly, laurel hedges and bamboo screens are effective at enclosing your space while blending your modern garden room with the greenery in your garden.

6. Roof Planting

You want your garden to look fantastic from all angles so, in addition to ground-level landscaping, why not try roof planting? Planting green Sedum, Houseleeks or Yarrow on top of your garden room can create a unique roof-top flower display for you to enjoy from your window. Planted roof gardens also come with the added benefit of providing natural insulation and a natural habitat for insects, helping to increase the biodiversity of your garden.

7. Water Features

Water features are wonderful for creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for a garden yoga studio or meditation space. Install a miniature waterfall, koi pond or stone fountain and relax from the comfort of your garden room, listening to the calming sound of running water. Water features are also great for attracting wildlife to your garden, such as birds, dragonflies and hedgehogs.

8. Living Wall

A living wall is essentially a vertical garden which can be used to help blend your garden room subtly into the surrounding foliage. To get started, attach vertical planters to your garden room exterior and fill them with your favourite plants and flowers to make a colourful feature wall.

Some popular plant choices to create a vibrant living wall include Petunia, Fuschia and Viola. You could even plant a vertical herb garden for easy garnish access when hosting garden parties and BBQs.

9. Painted Mural

Revamp a plain wall and elevate your space with an artistic wall mural. Use your painted mural as a space for creative self-expression and produce an inspiring masterpiece to complement your space. If you are planning to use your garden room as an art studio, a bespoke mural allows you to bring your art outdoors and create an inspiring workspace.

10. Outdoor Mirrors

Adding mirrored doors to your garden room to reflect your garden landscape will create the illusion of a larger space, perfect for smaller gardens. Mirrored glass stickers work well for this or, alternatively, you can choose from a variety of stylish framed outdoor mirrors to attach to your garden room exterior walls, rather than on the doors.

At Crown Pavilions, we offer a selection of luxury garden rooms and gazebos, tailored to suit all garden shapes and sizes. Our experienced teams can provide site assessments and offer advice to help you find the perfect garden room model for your space. We can also work with you to design your very own custom model to integrate into your garden landscape.

Browse our stunning collection of luxury garden rooms or get in touch with our team for more information.

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