20 Best Garden Room Furniture & Decorating Ideas

Garden room bar interior

A garden room provides so much more than just a functional space but an outdoor living area that you can furnish to suit your style and make your own.

Your garden room is an extension of your home and, as such, should be filled with comfortable furniture and decorated with your favourite accessories to make it a cosy and welcoming space. Browse our garden room furniture ideas for more inspiration and find the perfect fittings and furnishings to suit all tastes and complement all garden room models.

Garden room sofa ideas

No matter how you choose to use your garden room, a sofa is a must-have when it comes to furniture for a garden room to create a comfortable and inviting space. A two-seater sofa, or even an armchair, makes the perfect addition to your garden room office and provides a space to relax with a hot beverage between meetings.

Or why not go for a large L-shape sofa for your home cinema to accommodate all your friends and family for a cosy cinema experience?

Garden gym furniture ideas

Having your own gym in your back garden means you can hand-select your favourite equipment to suit your workout style. Whether it’s a weights rack and barbell set-up or treadmill and cross-trainer, you can furnish your garden gym however you like. Take it one step further and install a water station, drinks fridge, wall mirrors, lockers or a changing room bench to make you feel like you’re really at the gym!

Garden cinema furniture ideas

No garden cinema room would be complete without a high-quality widescreen TV or overhead projector, surround sound speakers and comfortable seating, such as bean bags, recliners or sofas.

We recommend also installing mood lighting to create a homey ambience for your movie nights – and don’t forget the popcorn machine! Browse our combination garden rooms, each of which comes with a home cinema system installed and ready to go.

Garden yoga studio furniture ideas

If you are planning to use your garden room as a yoga studio, consider furnishing your space with minimalist pieces and natural materials, such as rattan lanterns, scatter cushions, bamboo shelves and wicker baskets. The natural tones will help create a peaceful and grounded environment, perfect for yoga practice.

Plants & greenery

Adding a touch of greenery to your garden room helps blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor space. Some popular house plants include Aloe Vera, Cheese plants and Snake plants (which can also double-up as a natural air purifier!) If green fingers don’t run in your family, opt for some artificial plants or arrange a vibrant bouquet of flowers or fresh eucalyptus in a colourful vase, instead.


Create the illusion of a larger space and make the most of the natural light available by adding some wall mirrors to your garden room. There are a variety of mirror styles to choose from, including statement frames to add a contemporary look to your space or floor-to-ceiling mirrors, ideal for garden gyms and yoga rooms.

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