2024’s Spring Garden Trends Unveiled

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With winter well and truly fading away, and the glimpses of spring starting to blossom and emerge, the ever-important question arises: what are 2024’s garden trends?  

Last year saw a move towards further environmental consciousness, and this year it’s the same – 2024 is all about revolutionising your outdoor space not only for pure aesthetics, but also to make a profound impact on sustainability and mindfulness. 

Sensory Gardens: A Haven for Mindfulness 

One prominent trend that we expect to be one of 2024’s biggest garden trends is the rise of sensory gardens. Sensory gardens are more than just something pretty to look at, they are a form of total immersion and encapsulation for all five senses, transforming your garden into a tranquil and mindfulness haven. From planting an array of colourful plants with their earthy and floral fragrances, adding some texture through crunchy gravel and the soothing sound of a trickling water fountain, you can effortlessly craft an oasis of tranquillity and mindfulness right in your own backyard. You could also elevate this outdoor experience with a touch of luxury, incorporating a wooden gazebo into your garden. Imagine having a space where you can escape from the pressures of life and unwind at the end of a busy day, surrounded and immersed in your outdoor haven. At Crown Pavilions, we understand the importance of creating a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. That’s why we have a variety of gazebos, garden rooms, and summer houses in different sizes and styles – there’s something for everyone to help create their own perfect oasis. 


Food Forests: Cultivating Sustainable Living  

Another low-maintenance trend we expect to see blow up in 2024 is the formation of food forests and gardens and sustainable gardening practices. 2023 was the warmest year on record, and if that’s anything to go by, 2024 will be just as hot if not even hotter. With climate change comes a need to think of new, innovative and sustainable ways to garden and revolutionise gardening practices to coincide with our changing world. By incorporating a food forest into your own backyard, not only will this encourage eco-friendly living, but also cultivate a deeper connection to food that is consumed, fostering a more sustainable and resilient future. Whether this takes form as an expansive vegetable patch, or you’ve added a garden shelter to shield and enhance your outdoor space, we at Crown Pavilions think that this trend is our personal favourite for 2024. From fragrant tomatoes, onions, chives, to aromatic herbs and bountiful apple trees, there are a variety of flavoursome foods and ingredients you can grow – and what’s not to like about fresh produce! 

Pollinator Plants: Buzzworthy Sowing 

Our next trend that we expect to be huge in 2024 according to TikTok and other social media platforms is the rise of pollinator plants. Compared to the other two trends, this one is super easy to implement –just choose a few lovely pollinator plants like sunflowers, marigolds, milkweeds and many more. Not only will you attract the presence of delightful insects, but you’ll be doing your little part in ensuring the protection and survival of our essential ecosystems – save the bees! 

Wild Gardens: Where Nature Thrives 

The ‘wild garden’ trend, which gained significant traction in 2023, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in 2024.  This trend is all about fostering and cultivating the growth and attraction of wildlife, creating a little sanctuary in your backyard. It encompasses many trends, including the ones we have mentioned – ranging from building a small beehive to accompany the ever-important pollinators, to building a little pond as part of your sensory garden – the list is boundless! 


In 2024, gardens are not just about aesthetics, they’re a statement of our commitment to sustainability and biodiversity. As we embrace this year’s trends, here at Crown Pavilions, we rediscover the innate connection that we have to the outdoors and welcoming in a new era of garden elegance.  

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