From Our Favourites to our Least Favourites: The Nation’s Favourite Garden Nibbles 


The sun is shining, summer is well and truly on its way, and what’s better than a fantastic garden party to celebrate this? A garden BBQ party is an ideal way to entertain and host your nearest and dearest with great entertainment, drinks, and most important of all – food!  

Revealing the UK’s Top Garden Party Nibbles 

Here at Crown Pavilions, we offer a beautiful range of wooden barbecue shelters to keep the garden parties rolling throughout the year, come rain or shine, and not just in the summer. Like all our other offerings, our barbecue shelters are built to last. Think about the most memorable garden parties you have attended in your life: a free flow of food and drinks, a great atmosphere, and shelter! And on top of this, the menu featured plenty of options where everyone could tuck in and enjoy.  

So, now that we’ve established just quite how much we love a garden party, one key question remains: what are the UK’s favourite garden nibbles?

We used AI to identify the most popular garden snacks, and from this we used Google Search Trend data to establish our very own personal rankings. This data was then used in ranking each food based on its popularity, revealing what everyone is enjoying this summer!  

Remember, this is what you have all been searching for so if you disagree with any of them, you’ve only got yourselves to blame! 

Announcing the God Tier of all Garden Party Snacks

Sharing the top spot in the God Tier, it’s no surprise that the picnic classics of sausage rolls, Eton mess, and a refreshing jug of Pimm’s are solid favourites of everyone’s. These classic snacks offer a perfect blend of flavours and textures, making them an irresistible choice for your garden barbecue. Both ‘Pimm’s’ and ‘Eton Mess’ have on average, a monthly search volume of just under a whopping 3000 searches, with both terms seeing around a 10-15% increase in this past quarter. It’s obvious that garden party season is here, right? The firm favourite is most definitely sausage rolls, a staple to every barbecue and garden party, with around 3500 searches! Even 48% of M&S’s customers stated that sausage rolls were their favourite ‘picky bit’ to have as a garden and picnic snack!  

Top Tier Garden Party Favourites 

Shortly following our top three picks here at Crown Pavilions, the top tier of the nation’s favourites includes the classy and sophisticated options of fresh fruit and the iconic club sandwich. Fruit is wonderfully versatile, and paired with a filling club sandwich, both make for equally great finger foods. However, if left out for a little too long they do tend to spoil. Thankfully, with our garden shelters and BBQ pergolas, these top tier treats can be shielded from the blaring sun. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly as summer is the season of fresh and ripe fruit, ‘fruit salad’ garnered an average of 1755 monthly searches, whereas club sandwiches also just surpassed the big 1000 – with a search volume of 1016.  

The Surprisingly Average Popularity of these Mid Snacks 

As we’re progressing into the lower ranked tiers, some of our findings might surprise you. Through our in-depth analysis of Google Trends and keyword research, the staples of cheese and crackers, and deli meats only made it into the mid-tier. Not as many people search for these two items, despite their popularity, with ‘cheese and crackers’ averaging at a monthly search volume of 742, and ‘deli meats’ attaining slightly more with 853 average monthly searches. Perhaps it’s their ordinariness that have resulted in them ending up right in the middle. However, there’s nothing plain or ordinary about our garden parties, so we’d like to think they’re in the middle due to their comforting and snacky nature… What’s the correct cheese to cracker ratio before you end up with an abundance of dry crackers and no cheese?  

Low-Tier Nibbles 

But not all garden nibbles share the same level of appeal. Although a staple, we’ve found that many of you don’t have a particular enthusiasm for salt and vinegar crisps, hence why they’ve found themselves in the low tier. With quite a big drop, these seemingly popular flavoured crisps only really receive an average of 355 searches per month. 

The Bottom of the Barrel  

Did you ever expect to see the two beloved British snacks of scotch eggs and pork pies ranked as bottom tier foods? No, neither did we! While undeniably tasty, they must not be everyone’s initial choice as both picked up under 300 monthly searches, with pork pies scraping just below, with a mere search volume of 292. Here at Crown Pavilions, we agree with you – there simply are far better garden nibbles out there. However, for all you pork pie and scotch egg fans out there, do remember that they are still part of the Nation’s Top 10 Favourite Garden Nibbles. 

The Perfect Garden Party  

As we wrap up our exploration of the UK’s favourite garden nibbles, it’s quite clear that snacks can either make or break a garden party. From the god-tier delights like club sandwiches, crisps, and sausage rolls to the more sophisticated options of fresh fruit and deli meats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. At Crown Pavilions, we believe that creating the perfect garden party is about more than just the menu. Our stunning wooden barbecue shelters ensure your gatherings are memorable, come rain or shine, all year round.

So, fire up the grill, lay out your favourite snacks, and get ready to host an unforgettable garden barbecue with Crown Pavilions at your side. Here’s to a fantastic summer!  

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