The UK Regions Where You Can Get the Most and Least Outdoor Space for your Budget

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As a year of lockdowns saw many craving more outdoor space, the price of homes with gardens hit a 4-year high in 2020. 

With this, the desirability of access to gardens has increased, and the impact of outdoor space on home values has become greater than ever. 

So, in order to find out where in the UK you can get the most outdoor space for your money, we decided to rank different regions from most to least expensive, based on average house costs and access to outdoor space. 

The Most Expensive Regions 


As the most expensive area on our list, the average cost of a 3-bedroom home in London will set you back over £650,000. As a highly populated and desirable place to live, it also comes with less outdoor space than most parts of the country. 

In total, the average house has around 201 square metres of space, equivalent to around three-fourths of a tennis court. By comparison, the average 3 bedroom house in the UK has 330 square meters of outdoor space. 

South East

With the average 3-bedroom house costing over £444,000, the South East of England is the second most expensive region on our list. Despite this, it is considerably cheaper than London, and will offer more outdoor space for less cost. In total, the average size of private outdoor space is around 422 square metres, and £1,053 per square metre. 

East of England

The East of England comprises the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, making it a beautiful backdrop to live. As a result, the average 3-bedroom house comes in at around £390,000, offering an average of 415 square metres of space. In total, the cost will come in around £941 per square meter for outdoor space in this area. 

North West

Ranking 4th on our list, the North West is the third-most-populated region in the UK. The average 3-bedroom home in the North West is priced at £233,000, with 241 square meters of outdoor space, at around £930 per square meter. 

South West

The South West showed a similar cost per square metre as the North West at £858 per square metre, but the average cost for a 3-bedroom home is higher, costing £348,000 pounds. In total, the average home has 406 square metres of outdoor space. 

Yorkshire and The Humber

In Yorkshire and the Humber, the average 3-bedroom home will cost you around £218,000 pounds, averaging 270 square metres. As one of the more expensive locations on our list, Harrogate is the least affordable place in Yorkshire to buy a home, with the average house in the borough costing 9 times more than the average wage. 

The Least Expensive Regions

East Midlands 

Consisting of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland, the East Midlands has a wealth of options when it comes to places to live. With this, the average 3-bedroom home costs around £254,000, offering 326 square metres of outdoor space at £779 per square metre. 

North East 

Home to the ceremonial counties of County Durham and Northumberland, the North East boasts the most affordable 3-bedroom houses on our list, costing an average of £164,000.  In addition, the average outdoor area is 213 square metres, priced at £775 per square metre. 


In Wales, the average 3-bedroom costs £228,000, offering on average 338 square metres of outdoor space at £675 per square metre. As one of the most affordable regions on our lists, Wales is an amazing place to live, offering rugged coastline, mountainous parks, as well as buzzing cities like Cardiff. 

West Midlands

As the second most populous county in England after Greater London, the West Midlands is an incredibly popular yet affordable place to live. With the average 3-bedroom home costing  £255,000, homes here offer a generous amount of outdoor space, with the average area being 423 square metres. 


Last but certainly not least, Scotland is the most affordable region on our list, boasting affordable homes with large amounts of outdoor space. The average 3 bedroom home costs £171,000, with 399 square metres of outdoor space, and only £423 per square metre. With plenty of spectacular scenery, this may be the perfect place to live for optimum outdoor space. 

To add additional space to your garden, adding a garden room can be a great way to increase property value. Check out our ‘Does a Garden Room Add Value?’ post to find out more.

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