7 Winter Garden Room Ideas

Garden room bar interior

A winter garden room offers the ideal solution to creating extra space in your home and making the most of your garden during the cold and rainy months. Winter evenings are long and dark but you don’t need to feel cooped up at home when you can retreat to your luxury garden room, just moments away. With insulation and a range of heating options, including underfloor heating, you can be as warm and cosy in your garden room as you would be in a room in your house.

Here are just a few winter garden room ideas for you and your family:

1. A Playroom

During the winter, it’s easy for your kids to grow restless inside when it’s too cold and wet to play outside. So, why not create a space just for your kids where they can keep all their toys and play? They can be as messy and noisy as they like, building anything from blanket forts to LEGO cities, without causing havoc in your home.

But who said playrooms are just for kids? Keep boredom at bay and create a garden room for all your favourite pastimes, board games and games consoles. You could even create the ultimate pub sports den or games room, complete with pool table, mini football, snooker, darts and more.

2. Pub

We’ve said goodbye to summer cocktails in the garden but that doesn’t mean we need to put a cork in it. You can create your very own pub experience and cosy up for a winter drink in your very own insulated and heated garden room bar. Whether it’s beer on tap and bar stools or champagne on ice and chandeliers, you can tailor your home bar to suit your preferences and enjoy your favourite tipple at home.

3. Office

Working from home has become the new norm and, for many of us, it is likely to stay this way long-term. A garden room can serve as a convenient home office and provide a designated space for you to stay productive and focus on your 9 to 5. After a long day, you can lock up your garden room and leave the stresses of the ‘office’ behind.

If you have started a new lockdown hobby recently or business venture with your free time, a winter garden room provides the perfect space to pursue these hobbies or get your business up and running. Best of all, at Crown Pavilions, all our garden rooms are insulated as standard, with additional heating solutions available so you can use your office all year round.

4. Homeschooling

Bring back some normality for your children during these testing times and build your very own classroom in your back garden. Creating a separate space for your kids to learn and study away from their bedroom or busy communal areas has numerous benefits, such as improved concentration, productivity and better sleep quality. The natural light and garden surroundings can also encourage a calmer learning environment. A garden classroom helps maintain a healthy routine to ensure they keep up with their remote lessons and homework.

5. Gym

Every new year, many of us make a commitment to get fit and focus on our health but it can be difficult to pluck up the courage to go for a run, or even get your steps in, when it’s freezing cold outside. A garden room gym can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions and work on your goals during winter. You can deck out your gym with all your go-to equipment and work out in your own private space anytime you like. We also offer additional soundproofing so you can listen to your favourite workout playlist without disturbing your neighbours.

6. Cinema

A home cinema makes for a romantic lockdown date night or fun activity to share with your family. Install a wide screen television or mini projector and bring in the popcorn and sweets for the full cinematic experience. Don’t forget the warm blankets and beanbags! Enjoy a cosy movie night in your garden room that’s sure to beat sitting on your living room couch.

7. Lounge

Keep it simple with your winter garden room design and fashion a comfortable lounge area to escape your hectic home life and enjoy a change of scenery. Fill your space with your favourite comforts, be that books, candles, paints or plants, and create your own sanctuary to relax. We offer a selection of glass windows and doors to help you create a light and airy space to blow away the winter blues.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your winter garden room, check out our beautiful garden room range, you can also check out our Christmas garden ideas, or get in touch with our team.

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