7 Must See Garden Room Ideas and Designs

Creative Ways to use your garden room and transform your garden!

Here are a range of spectacular outdoor garden room ideas and inspiring garden room designs which will transform your garden and extend your living space.
There are numerous ways to use your garden room from housing a hot tub or swimming pool to creating the ultimate entertaining area or guest house away from the main dwelling. These garden room ideas will add value to your home and give you a multitude of different uses which over the years may change (as kids grow up, or your accommodation needs change) making it the ideal investment and the gift that keeps on giving!

Crown Pavilions have listed some garden room ideas and designs that are available on the market today. How will you use yours?

1. The ultimate entertaining garden rooms in the world by Crown Pavilions

Have you ever been away on holiday where you have enjoyed leisurely activities with your family and loved ones, whether it be relaxing in a luxurious hot tub spa or lazing by the pool, socialising together around a bbq, perhaps enjoying a cocktail or aperitifs before a family meal? Only to return to the UK and all so quickly the good times become a distant memory.
This garden room idea was specifically designed as the perfect antidote to the holiday blues including a covered bbq area with a custom-made dining table, benches and soft furnishings so you can enjoy family bbqs regardless of the weather in absolute comfort. The bbq has its own extractor fan to get rid of any smoke whilst cooking and the covered seating area has infrared heaters to ensure alfresco dining always feels as though you are still on that holiday! There is a hot tub which comes into its own during the cold winter months when we all need a pick me up most. To finish off the experience in 5-star luxury there is an attached insulated garden room with a custom-made bar and en-suite shower. The interior garden room décor is carefully finished to a residential specification creating an all year-round guest house and entertaining space for the entire family which would also serve as a massive selling point if you ever decided on selling your property in the future.

Garden Room studio and slide doors
(By Crown Pavilions)

Here is another example of Crown Pavilions work. This garden room idea was a collaboration between designer and customer… often the best garden room designs are!
Hot Tub Garden Building

outdoor kitchen idea


2.Granny Annex

This is a great example of a granny annex which serves its primary function and need of providing extra accommodation on a modest footprint whilst at the same time never forgetting the importance of design and careful attention to detail. The premium grade cedar cladding externally, artificial grass roof, along with the garden room interior layout and décor has subtly come together to create what we feel is the pinnacle of garden room design with functionality. The building is further enhanced with the inclusion of a hot tub to the front, bi-folding doors on two sides which seamlessly transition and merge the outside and inside (this is further enhanced with a natural slate colour composite deck with a low profile door threshold which again fuses the indoor-outdoor living beautifully) which future proofs the building for a variety of uses for many years to come.

Bespoke Garden Room and hot tub
(by Crown Pavilions)


3.Home Office

Working from home is a luxury many people dream of. As rent for office space becomes increasingly expensive and more people look to starting their own businesses there has been a significant increase in demand for fully insulated garden rooms which have been built for all year use. There are numerous companies out there claiming to manufacture buildings for all year use, but we have found only a select few deliver on that promise. It is for this reason that we always advise our prospective customers to research the market thoroughly before deciding. If you are looking for a building that you can genuinely use all year round the list of good providers is small, it is therefore essential to find out exactly what the specifications are, and if you can visit the companies show sites to see their buildings first-hand we would always recommend that. This way you can make an informed decision and choose the company that best suits your needs and budget. Here is a great example of a building made for Celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke OBE by Crown Pavilions.

Nicky Clarke

(By Crown Pavilions)

‘‘I have been considering a garden room for several years now. An additional room I could use for work and recreation. There are so many companies in the market that we really wanted to take our time in finding the best company in the UK manufacturing garden rooms. In my opinion Crown Pavilions was simply the stand out company which stood head and shoulders above anyone else. Now the garden room is complete, I can say that we are thrilled with the quality of the building, the service throughout was outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend Crown Pavilions to anyone considering a garden room. In my opinion they are the UK’s market leaders by a long way. Great company!

Nicky Clarke OBE
Celebrity Hairdresser and Entrepreneur


4.Home Gym

Why leave the comfort of your home, spend £££££s on membership fees, wait around for the machinery you want to use, having to constantly motivate yourself to actually get your self to the gym in the first place when you can simply have your own insulated gym designed and manufactured catering for your exact needs… in your back garden! Home garden gyms are growing massively in popularity as people decide to invest more into their own homes, adding value and additional square footage. A garden room gym today… which next year can be turned into a games room followed the year after into a home office (there are so many possibilities as your garden room is as flexible in its usage as is your imagination).
Remember when designing your garden gym room to choose the equipment carefully and to be sure to work out the finished floor to ceiling height so that the equipment you want will actually fit. At Crown Pavilions we often customise our garden room designs to ensure everything fits perfectly and our customers have a gym room they can use. Some clients want punch bags and TRX (suspension weight training) which means the joists need reinforcing or RSJ steel beams are designed into the build. These details are crucial to avoid having a building which is not fit for purpose. Always research the garden room company you are using and see examples of their work and gym rooms they have already constructed for your peace of mind.
The garden room interior design and layout also need careful thought and consideration from the outset. For-example we always sit down with our clients and work out where the sockets will go for the machinery, where the ideal spot for the free weights section will be, a floor to ceiling mirror is also great for motivating your self during workouts. Our clients often want saunas, a wc and shower as well as a changing area so the garden room décor is crucial as everything is in the detail. As professional garden room designers, we often like to work out the lighting and AV so our clients have music, TVs, mood lighting (for those occasions you want to do a Virtual spin class with your family or friends!) As you can tell, we are as passionate about the gym room construction and garden room interior design as no doubt you are about finding the perfect building for your needs.
Crown Pavilions have built thousands of garden rooms over the years, many of which are home gyms. Here are two recent installations by Crown Pavilions

Home gym in Surrey

night time garden room

Home gym in Surrey by Crown Pavilions

Home gym in the South of France by Crown Pavilions

garden gym

Home Gym in Buckinghamshire

5.Home Cinema & Bar

When entertaining friends and family is high on your list, what can be more fun than having your own home cinema and bar designed and built within a fully insulated garden room away from any distraction or anything that can detract from the sole purpose of having fun!

garden bar room

Internal of cinema & bar garden room by Crown Pavilions.


Internal Bar garden room at Christmas


External Cinema garden room

6.Pool House

Pool houses and Pool House Enclosures are a must (we feel) for anyone with a swimming pool in the UK. With our unpredictable weather patterns, a place to be able to change in comfort, shower, have a sauna or steam, relax, entertain and generally enjoy the full experience of having a swimming pool throughout the year and regardless of the weather is made possible by having a well-constructed and insulated pool house. It also allows you to incorporate the pool pump room within one building which aesthetically makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the pool experience. Crown Pavilions are experts in pool house design and construction as well as pool enclosures.
Remember on pool enclosures it is essential to design the building carefully when it comes to the heating, air conditioning and air filtration. Crown Pavilions work closely with experts in this field to ensure your swimming pool enclosure is safe and meets all regulations. Here are a few pool Houses by Crown Pavilions.

Coastal Pool House

Open pool House and Hot Tub Spa Enclosures



luxury hot tub enclosure


garden room hot tub

Pool House and Pump room incorporated tastefully within one building


7.Bespoke Garden Room Ideas and Garden Interior design by Crown Pavilions

At Crown Pavilions we have a range of garden rooms from the modular entry level range all the way to the completely bespoke garden room which can be anywhere from 20m2 all the way up to 300m2.

As the World’s Finest Garden Rooms, we set the bar very high and constantly strive to improve against the high standards we set for ourselves daily. Our mission is to continuously strive to give our customers market leading buildings which are in a league of their own. Here are a few examples of our recent work. Please call us for a free no obligation consultation as we love what we do and would very much like to share that experience with you!
A Bespoke 200m2 entertaining guest house including a bar, sauna, cinema, gym area, sleeping area, outside bbq area all under one roof!


A bespoke garden room with cinema, bar, games room and an impressive glass veranda for all year entertaining, BBQs (also including a hot tub and outdoor shower).

Two bespoke buildings on a composite decked area with hot tub all designed, manufactured and installed by Crown Pavilions. The garden rooms are used as guest houses, teenage games rooms, as well as a gym area, fully kitted with a TRX and Pilates zone.




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