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Garden Room Care and Maintenance

When you choose a bespoke luxury garden room with Crown Pavilions you are choosing quality. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen are passionate about the constructs they create and use only the finest materials and time honoured techniques. We ensure that the finished garden room is built to exacting standards but there are recommended garden room care and maintenance tasks that are required of you in order to avoid invalidating any guarantees and ensure the long life of your garden room.

Taking Care of the Timber – Cedar and Redwood

During the initial installation of your garden room, our team of highly skilled craftsmen take great care to ensure that this has been done in accordance with our strict quality assurance policy. The timber is treated to ensure durability and longevity. All we ask is that the concrete base is prepared to include a damp proof membrane and the timber is treated to ensure durability and longevity. It is up to you to carry out regular checks and maintenance of your garden room which includes clearing away debris, rubbish and any leaves from the interior and exterior of your garden building. This must be done at least once a year but we recommend that you do this once a month in order to get the most out of your garden room. Once a year (ideally in late spring or summer) all soft furnishing and blinds must be removed in order for the appropriate wood treatment to be applied to the timber of your pavilion using a soft brush or cloth. We recommend that you allow 2-4 days after treatment for the preserver to dry before you replace your garden building soft furnishing in order to avoid staining. The following are recommended treatments for the material of your garden building:-

Cedar Wood

Use a good quality Cedar oil preserver and apply this generously in order to protect the timber against rot and repel insects.


For this we recommend a good quality fence and shed wood preserver which will help protect against rot, mould and fungi. During the initial build or your garden room, all base timber that are in contact with the ground and the newel posts which support the roof structure are pressure treated with tanalith E preservative. Cedar pavilions include a 20 year guarantee whereas European Redwood garden room come complete with a 10 year guarantee against wood decay. All Crown Pavilions constructs include a 3 year workmanship warranty. All the aforementioned apply for faulty workmanship and do not apply in the event that recommended maintenance instructions are not followed.

Garden Room Soft Furnishing and Blinds

Crown Pavilions provide a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against fault workmanship of all soft furnishings and blinds provided by Crown Pavilions from the time of order. The canvas we use for our blinds is Solution Dyed Acrylic and has been treated with a mildew and rot resistant chemical. We do recommend that you regularly lightly clean your soft furnishings and blinds using warm soapy water (no hotter than 30C) and avoid the use of strong detergents.

Garden Room Electrical Goods

All electrical goods purchased with your pavilion include a 1 year warranty from time of order. We offer a variety of heaters, spotlights and waterproof TVs in pavilions such as our garden cinema rooms and spa garden rooms, but please be aware that we do not connect, install or fit any purchased electrical goods. We recommend that you approach a qualified NICEEIC Part P electrician with regards to the fitting or installation of electrical goods.

Contact the Crown Pavilions Team for More Information

Once you have purchased your garden room with Crown Pavilions, you will be provided with an advice and guarantee form which you will need to complete and return within 60 days of purchase in order to activate all above mentioned guarantees. We have taken great care to ensure that we have provided you with ample information but we welcome you to give us a call on 01491 612820 if you would like to discuss garden room care and maintenance in more detail.
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