Garden Granny Annexes

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Our bespoke garden granny annexes provide unique, classic and contemporary living accommodation in the comfort of your back garden. Designed to suit your needs, garden annexe buildings are becoming increasingly popular, not only for bringing ageing parents closer, or to house a live-in nanny or carer, but also for young adults saving to get onto the property ladder.

Our granny annexes are designed and built to residential-grade standards, and are fully insulated for year-round comfort which make them the ideal choice for self-contained living. We also offer the option for complete plumbing and electrical work, such as kitchens and bathrooms, making garden room with toilets and kitchenettes for total home from home comfort.

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Our Granny Annexe Models

Our granny garden annexe range comprises three stunning models. The Sandringham model offers a classic design to fit in seamlessly with any garden aesthetic. The Clarence is our more contemporary style with a striking feature wall. The Buckingham boasts a versatile design, combining both an insulated garden room with a covered gazebo area. Looking for something truly unique? We also offer you the option to design your own bespoke model.

Why build a granny annexe in your back garden?

Building a self-contained garden annexe offers the perfect solution when it comes to bringing your family closer. Whether it’s caring for elderly relatives, hosting family members overnight or giving your young adults the space to move away, without totally flying the nest, a garden annexe provides a comfortable living space for use all year round.

Our residential-grade wooden granny annexes include delivery and installation to mainland England and Wales and installation is typically completed in 2-3 weeks, making for a swift build. Complete with residential-grade 90mm, high-density, foil-backed insulation for the roof and floor and 100mm Rockwool insulation for the walls, and professional plumbing and electrics, our annexes are designed to provide a beautiful micro home for those you want to keep close by.

If you would like to view any of the other dedicated garden rooms available from Crown Pavilions, please visit our selection of luxury garden rooms.

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Why a granny Annexe?

Benefits of a garden annexe


Built separate from your home, a garden annexe provides a secluded space where you can kick back and relax without disturbing your family and vice versa.

Extra Living Space

A garden room makes an excellent alternative to a traditional home extension, providing convenient additional space without disruption to your home and long build times.

Quick and Easy Installation

Unlike home extensions and loft conversions, a separate building does not usually require planning permission and can be installed within weeks instead of months without disturbing home life.

Add Value to Your Home

A granny annexe is a sought-after feature which can be used for personal use or rented out for additional income, and can boost the resale value of your home.

Garden Annexe Considerations

Garden annexe planning permission considerations

Garden annexe planning permission considerations

A granny annexe is designed for overnight accommodation and, as such, will require planning permission since it is no longer considered an ancillary garden building. Planning considerations may also vary depending on where you live, such as on designated land or in a listed building. For more information, see our garden room planning permission guide or visit the Planning Portal.

Garden annexe planning permission considerations
Garden room bedroom sizes

Garden room bedroom sizes

A garden granny annexe can be designed to suit your unique needs and have as many rooms as you want. Our platinum multi-room collection comes in a range of models: Casablanca, Boulevard, Eternity and Wonderland, or you can design your own bespoke model to cater for as many rooms as you need in any size. Why not create a large one-bedroom flat with an en-suite and fully-functioning kitchen for your elderly relative? Or a two-bed with a shared bathroom and kitchenette for your independent teenagers?

Insulation for warm winter nights

Insulation for warm winter nights

A Crown Pavilions garden annexe is designed to meet residential standards and, as such, is ideal for year-round use and engineered for longevity, no matter the weather. Built with 190mm thick walls constructed with traditional studwork and OSB boarding, 90mm foil-backed insulation for the roof and floor and 100mm Rockwool insulation for the walls, aluminum-framed doors and double-glazed and argon-filled windows, our garden rooms are fully insulated, perfect for cosy evenings. We also offer the option for additional heating upgrades, such as underfloor heating and radiators, to keep you extra toasty throughout the winter months.

Insulation for warm winter nights
Plumbing for kitchen and bathroom facilities

Plumbing for kitchen and bathroom facilities

If you’re looking to create a comfortable living space for overnight guests or permanent residents, plumbing for kitchen and bathroom facilities are a must-have. Our expert team are on hand to advise on any bespoke plumbing and electrical work to build your dream kitchen and bathroom. From running water for sinks, showers and dishwashers to electricity for fridges, microwaves and extractor fans, we can help you find the perfect solution for your space. In most instances, we will run an armoured cable from your main fuse box for secure electricity supply and underground pipes to your water mains for running water.

Bespoke Garden Annexe

Insulated Garden Offices

Beginning the process with a one-to-one consultation, we work with you to turn your ideas into a reality and design a one-of-a-kind garden annexe. Built to your exact specifications, be that shape, size or window placement, you can create a garden room to suit your style that fits seamlessly with your outdoor space. We can help guide you through the logistics, from garden room foundations and plumbing to lighting and flooring options. View our latest projects or bespoke gallery for some inspiration.

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    Granny Annexe FAQs

    Can I build a granny annexe in my garden?

    Yes, you can build a granny annexe in your garden so long as you adhere to permitted development guidelines and obtain appropriate planning permission for your building.

    Are garden annexes warm inside in the winter?

    Yes. Our garden rooms are built to residential standards with residential-grade wall, floor and ceiling insulation. We also offer a range of heating options, from simple but effective slimline wall heaters to underfloor heating.

    Do granny annexes pay council tax?

    Yes, building a granny annexe designed for overnight accommodation may increase your council tax, especially if you plan to use it for an additional revenue stream, such as a holiday rental.

    How much value does a granny annexe add?

    A granny annexe offers value in a variety of ways, helping boost your finances and quality of life. A garden annexe provides a comfortable extension to your home that can be used for a garden office, granny flat or family room - the opportunities are endless. The added square footage on your land also increases the resale value of your property and provides a point of interest for potential buyers.

    How long will it take to install my granny annexe?

    All our garden rooms are built from the ground up using traditional timber building methods. The build timeframe will depend on your chosen model, and whether it’s a large, medium or small garden room. The installation time frame for a typical medium sized granny annexe is approximately 4-5 weeks.

    How long will my garden room last?

    All our wooden garden rooms are built to exacting TRADA standards. We are known throughout the industry for going above and beyond in all aspects of our build quality. Our garden rooms come with a 10-year structural guarantee which covers rot, decay and structural integrity. Based on our experience, our garden rooms have a life expectancy of 30-years. All our accessories, including blinds, doors, door handles and heaters, come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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