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Do you have friends or family who you like to see regularly? Maybe they live too far away to travel in just one day and you’d love them to stay over or stay with you for longer. Sometimes it can be difficult to provide a comfortable, private space for guests, which is where a Crown Pavilions garden guest room can make everyone’s life more comfortable and easier.

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Garden Studios Additional Extras
  • Industry leading 100mm residential grade rockwool slabs and 90mm high density foil backed insulation
  • Built on site using traditional timber building methods with 6×2 & 4×2 timber studs & joists with structural steels where necessary.


  • We use aluminium framed doors for durability
  • We use engineered oak flooring – never laminates

Choose from French, Sliding or Bi-folding doors

A personal, end-to-end, service, from site survey to care and maintenance briefing

The Crown Difference
  • We are unique – we build residential grade garden rooms
  • Our garden rooms last longer
  • We offer more customisations as standard
  • Our world-renowned five-star service

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A warm welcome

Sometimes guests staying in your house isn’t always convenient for everyone. Spare rooms are great, but if your visitors have young children or you keep different hours, it can be difficult for everyone to feel at home and get the rest and relaxation you’d like to provide. With your very own garden studio, everyone can feel at home. Your visitors can sleep late, occupy the bathroom for as long as they like or watch TV in their own garden guest room, without affecting what you do. Leaving you to remain the perfect host when you all come together again.

Your guests will be warm and comfortable in a space of their own, but be warned – they may never want to leave.

Whatever you need, we have the design expertise and experience to welcome your guests to their own private garden guest room.

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Luxury and convenience.

Guests who sleep in a Crown Pavilions garden guest house will be warm and comfortable with all the facilities you wish to provide in a self-contained private space. They need to feel welcome; a kitchen, bathroom, storage space, phone & broadband, heating, TV and games. Your visitors won’t want to leave the comfort of your luxurious hospitality. The best way to bring your vision to life is to contact one of our Crown experts, we will help you explore the design possibilities and create your perfect garden guest room.

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5 stars

“Crown Pavilions are magnificent. They are not much if any more expensive I think than the 'bog standard' garden studio firms but are exceptional in terms of build quality, dependability, speed and their guys are charming, very hard working and very low maintenance to have here. We cannot recommend them more highly and in two weeks we have the most beautiful garden studio.” - Paul Miller

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