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Why Choose Crown

The world’s finest garden rooms

Crown Pavilions have been constructing the world’s finest garden rooms for many years. We have built our reputation on delivering outstanding products using the finest materials on the market, the most skilled and tried-and-tested joinery methods and by following this up with an after service that is second to none.

No matter which building you choose, it will receive exactly the same meticulous care and attention to detail. You can also rest assured that a garden building constructed to such exacting standards will most definitely stand the test of time.


There are many reasons why Crown Pavilions sits head-and-shoulders above the competition. Here are just some of the key points why Crown Pavilions continue to lead the way at every level.


Luxury Wooden Gazebos


  • All our buildings have been scrutinized and passed by a chartered structural engineer meaning you can be assured that your building has the correct size timber and fixings, and that they’re all in the right place. As far as we are aware we are the only company on the market to go to this level for our clients’ peace of mind.
  • All our posts are laminated no less than 6 – 12 times (depending on the size of your building) to limit if not minimise any chance of warping, twisting or cracking of the timber.
  • Our handrails are wider and thicker as standard to give a much more aesthetically beautiful structure as well as a far stronger build.
  • Where required we use bracing timbers between the roofs ring beam and posts. This adds considerable extra strength to the buildings and means that high winds are never a problem. Again this is a feature where Crown excels over the competition.
  • Our entrances have marine-grade poppers that attach the bottom of our canvas blinds to the base of your pavilion. This stops the wind from blowing the blind into the building and over a short period of time creating a weathered strip around the base of the entrance.
  • As standard all our pavilions come with marine-grade zips that join the blinds together. This gives almost as much protection as having a fixed wall around the building. For further protection against the elements every canvas panel also comes with marine grade elasticated toggles. The combination of marine grade zips and toggles truly sets a Crown building apart from similar looking products on the market. Our marine-grade zips have been used on yachts and boats for decades and have proved a trustworthy solution to having a removable side.
  • We offer full-length PVC window blinds which allow you to use your building all year round and enjoy the 360-degrees panoramic views whatever the weather.
  • We are the only company to use a superior-quality acrylic cushion and blind fabric which doesn’t shrink, fade or lose its waterproof qualities. Many of our competitors use coated cotton which needs to be constantly treated to avoid fading and shrinking which can leave big gaps between your blinds, allowing the weather in.
  • Our cushion packages come as standard with deep-filled back cushions that offer unrivalled comfort. Again this is in a different league to the thin back cushions offered by our competitors that tend to sag and sink, leaving you resting on a hard timber handrail.
  • Our benches are constructed to a much thicker depth than anyone else we have found. This accommodates the thick back cushions and gives you a much deeper and more comfortable seat. Combine this with the double thickness foam bench cushions and the comfort is heavenly!
  • All our timber cladding is virtually knot-free, unlike our competitors who tend to use a timber with more visible knots which aesthetically detracts and cheapens what is otherwise a beautiful building.
  • Our cedar roofs are capped with a premium weight quality lead which weathers down beautifully to match the cedar shingle roof. Most competitors use plastic roof caps which we feel ruins the natural beauty of the timber and traditional building materials.
  • Our products are all installed on 6mm EPDM rubber pads, meaning that none of the timber is in direct contact with the ground. This will make your building last for many years longer than a building that has been erected direct onto concrete which can result in a building that rots from the bottom up.
  • Unlike some of our competitors, our after service is as important to us as our product. Every day we receive outstanding reports about our outstanding service.



Bespoke Garden Rooms


  • We will design exactly what you want. We are not confined to set designs, shapes and sizes. We can design you the building you require in the configuration you require and for whatever use you require.
  • All doors and windows are made from hardwood. No veneers, no aluminium, no cheap uPVC – just aesthetically stunning, premium quality solid hard wood that will stand the test of time.
  • All windows are double glazed and argon gas-filled – for an outstanding u -value.
  • All windows include the highest quality Italian internal blinds – so they’re easy to clean, versatile and make the building perfect for a wide variety of uses.
  • All our designers are TRADA trained. TRADA (the Timber Research and Development Association) is an international membership organisation dedicated to inspiring and informing best practice design, specification and use of wood in the built environment and related fields.
  • We build to TRADA guidelines – meaning that all of our buildings have correct insulation and correct joist spacing, fixtures and fittings. We use correct breathable membranes, correct air gap spacing and correct timber sizing. No other company does this.
  • All our walls are 190mm thick (to comply with TRADA guidelines). Most competitors’ walls are only 120-140mm thick.
  • Your building is constructed on site as a single, solid unit, not prefabricated wall panels bolted together. This results in a much stronger build that will stand the test of time.
  • We use clear grade cedar externally – internally, too, if you wish, for superior insulation and soundproofing properties to plasterboard.
  • Our finish is perfect and to the highest possible standards – no visible fixings or poor joints, even our pinholes are wax filled and sanded. Proof that you really should judge the caliber of a company by the final finish, meticulous attention to detail, and aftercare service.
  • All flooring is made from weighty, premium-grade engineered oak – never the lower grade option of laminate flooring.
  • Generous roof overhang – allowing the water to run off the building without rolling down the sides which could damage the construction.
  • Insulation in walls, flooring and ceiling is premium Celotex 100mm – 200mm (dependent on the country of installation and climate.) Typically our insulation is between 20mm – 120mm higher than required for a permanent dwelling. For extra insulation there is the option to upgrade with a further 25mm celotex to eliminate any cold bridging and improve the U-value even further.
  • Our EPDM roof is made from a single sheet, not joined sheets – so not only will your roof look incredibly contemporary – it will not leak.
  • We offer other styles of roof – from hipped to internal open ceiling. Whatever you require, our skilled, expert carpenters can engineer the perfect solution.
  • Our buildings are constructed to permanent house-build standards, not temporary standards – so you enjoy a sturdy, durable structure that will last and last.
  • All of our buildings are designed and overseen by a qualified structural engineer. This ensures that everything is correct and meets building standards.
  • We can take care of planning and building regulations, if required – it’s all included in the price.
  • Need a hot tub, cinema, air-conditioning or something else specific? No problem. We can take care of everything thanks to excellent relationships with our partner companies – and there’s just one single point of contact.
  • We provide the electrical and plumbing services – for connections and fittings.
  • Need an extra-large building? We can create anything – from a small garden gazebo to buildings up to 300m2 and even larger.
  • All our teams are in-house – so there’s no need to worry about subcontractors or communications breaking down. This is yet another factor that sets us apart from the competition.

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Why Choose Crown