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Work from home in comfort & style

Flexible working has become increasingly popular and working from home is now the new norm for millions of people. As such, it is more important than ever to find the right balance between your home and work life. Our sought-after range of insulated garden offices offers the ideal solution, providing the very best in luxury and style and allowing you to create a professional work environment in the comfort of your own home. A Crown garden office building is the perfect choice for personalisation, durability and functionality.

Our Garden Room Models

Our garden office collection comprises three beautiful models. The Crown Clarence is our contemporary outdoor home office, featuring a unique feature wall in a selection of finishes. If you’re looking for something more traditional, Crown Sandringham is our more classic design. Crown Buckingham combines indoor and outdoor living with an insulated garden office and covered gazebo area. We also offer the option to create your own bespoke design.

Why add a garden office to your property?

A garden office adds values to your property in so many different ways. Firstly, it can widen your home’s appeal to potential buyers and increase its value significantly if you decide to sell in the future. It also offers a speedier and more practical alternative to a traditional house extension or loft conversion for your home.

A Crown Pavilions standard garden office building rarely requires planning permission and can be built within a few weeks for a speedy and stylish solution.

If you would like to view any of the other dedicated garden rooms available from Crown Pavilions, please visit our selection of luxury garden rooms.

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Why a Garden Office?

Benefits of a garden office

Cut down your commute

Making your way to your garden office in the morning gives you the feeling of leaving for the office without the long commute time and costs.

Boost productivity

Building a separate space away from the distractions of home life can help you create a positive work environment for more productive days.

Better work/life balance

Working in a garden office enables you to draw the line between work and home life, and frees up more time for you to spend with your family and friends.

Multi-purpose space

Whether you decide to return back to the office, or need a new guest room or hobby space, a garden office can be converted in the future to suit your needs.

Bespoke garden office manufacturer in the UK

Bespoke garden office manufacturer in the UK

We are proud to say that Crown Pavilions is the leading manufacturer of luxury garden offices in the UK. Built to exacting standards, using the finest materials with expert craftsmanship and passed by a chartered engineer, our builds offer the highest quality outdoor living spaces.

We strive for excellence, working with our clients to build a garden room that exceeds all expectations with the option for additional upgrades and start-to-finish bespoke designs. Designed to merge seamlessly into any space, we can install a large garden office, perfect for open stretch plots, as well as small garden offices or garden office pods to help you make the most of a petite garden.

All our garden rooms are handcrafted in our Oxfordshire workshops by our TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association)-certified team and delivered and installed for your ultimate convenience.

Garden office considerations

Controlled temperature and humidity levels

Controlled temperature and humidity levels

Create the optimum working environment with controlled temperature and humidity levels. Our garden rooms are built with premium-quality residential-grade insulation and we also offer additional heating and cooling upgrades, including underfloor heating and air conditioning, so you can control the temperature of your office down to the last degree. With a choice of double-glazed windows and French, bi-fold or sliding doors, your garden office will also be well-ventilated, helping avoid stuffy workspaces and control humidity which, if ignored, can result in mold and mildew.

Controlled temperature and humidity levels
Telephone and internet coverage

Telephone and internet coverage

Whether you’re working from home or running your own business, phone and internet connection is a must. Install a reliable system for your garden office to keep you connected at all times and ensure your working days run smoothly. Our team can help you set up hi-speed internet using your home’s existing Wi-Fi or alternative methods to provide the fastest connection possible.

Storage and filing space

Storage and filing space

Crowded workspaces can cause added stress and negatively impact your productivity. After all, a tidy space means a tidy mind. Keep your home office clean and organised with a Crown Pavilions garden office building. We have a selection of multi-room garden offices to allow for plenty of storage and filing space, including our Casablanca, Boulevard, Eternity and Wonderland models. Our team can also work with you to design a bespoke build which caters for your unique storage needs, from built-in shelves and filing cabinets to secure, hidden safes.

Storage and filing space
Work areas and seating areas

Work areas and seating areas

The key to a healthy relationship with work is taking regular breaks. That’s why we recommend incorporating a comfortable seating area into your garden office design, to give you the space to relax and unwind in between meetings or have a bite to eat on your lunch break. Our combination garden rooms provide the perfect solution, offering ample space for a designated desk area in addition to a cosy living space to help you avoid burnout.

Insulated Garden Offices

Insulated Garden Offices

At Crown Pavilions, we understand the importance of good insulation and U-Values, structural integrity, foundations and running services. Our insulated garden offices are constructed with residential materials, suitable for use all year round for years to come.

Our walls are 190mm thick and built with traditional studwork and OSB boarding for increased durability. We also use premium 100mm Rockwool insulation for walls and 90mm, high density, foil-backed insulation for floors and ceilings. Additionally, our doors and windows are double-glazed and argon gas filled for added insulation.

Our experienced team is on hand to support with any additional insulation and heating upgrades.

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    Garden Office FAQs

    Can I easily connect phone lines and internet to my Garden Office?

    Yes. You will need to have a CAT-6 network cable run from your home to your garden room. For convenience, this should be completed at the same time as installation of an armoured cable for your electricity supply.

    Are garden offices a good investment?

    Yes, a garden office provides a comfortable work-friendly space that adds value to your home and improves your quality of life. While a home garden office building offers a convenient space for remote working, is it also a sought-after feature that can increase the resale value of your property and appeal to more potential buyers.

    Do garden offices need planning permission?

    In most cases, you do not require planning permission to build a garden office so long as you build within permitted development guidelines. This means you cannot build on over 50% of your land and your structure should not exceed 2.5 metres, including the roof (if built within 2m of a boundary). For more information, please visit our garden room planning permission guidelines.

    What is a good size for a garden office?

    There is no ‘best’ size for a garden office, so long as you can comfortably fit enough desks and chairs into the space to suit the number of people working. Small garden pods (4x3m) are ideal for single-person offices however, larger offices can be more convenient for more spacious workspaces for a few people or multi-functional rooms.

    Can you put a toilet in a garden office?

    Yes, you can install the required plumbing, electricity and drainage systems for toilet facilities in a garden office, providing you with added convenience throughout the day. For more information, please see our blog on building a garden room with a toilet and shower.

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    Alternatively you can let us know what you intend to use your new outdoor room for, and we can design it in a way that is specifically for you and best suited for its purpose. Contact us by phone, or request a call back by filling out the contact form provided.